Belize Tourism Board

Meltwater’s platform allows us to standardize our metrics across all of our events and initiatives. For example, we use one dashboard to measure all the PR efforts—digital and social—within our tourism industry. Making data easy to track and comprehend is what every tourism board dreams of, not just us.

Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau

Many times we need a report as soon as the communication is sent out, and Meltwater’s reporting is excellent for our purposes. The reach metric is huge for us.

Discover The Palm Beaches

It used to take us a great amount of time to research one influencer and their audience. With Meltwater’s Social Influencers tool, the search functions make it easy to extract information— making the decision process for who we choose to work with more reliable and efficient.

West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

The main attraction of Meltwater’s Social Influencers Platform is that it puts a wealth of social influencers right at my fingertips.

Visit Baton Rouge

Our marketing budgets are small, and we have to make sure we use every dollar wisely. Meltwater provides the statistics we need to show what our efforts are doing.