VC Inc. Marketing

Meltwater is allowing me to work much more efficiently and much faster than I did previously. Given the time that’s saved in research, I can focus on finding really creative ways to deliver solutions that will build the sales of my clients.

101 Concepts

Since switching to Meltwater, we have over 40% pickup compared to this time last year. Getting placements in blogs and outlets that our younger demographic reads and trusts for guidance is huge. Meltwater has helped us get feature stories in exactly the right publications.




With Meltwater, I no longer have to double-check our results outside of the social listening platform in order to confirm that our clients are covered. I sleep much better.


We were used to dealing with client crises, but never at such an integral level. With Meltwater, we now have the tonality and volume of an escalating event at our fingertips, and can quickly develop a strategy based on this intelligence.

Story Public Relations

With customizable reporting and presentations, Meltwater’s newest platform is fast and a joy to use.