New York Road Runners

Meltwater is really an invaluable tool. Whether it’s our coverage stream, the daily email, or the app on our phone, the platform does it all.

Plan International

Meltwater is great for generating reports about media hits within very specific time frames and about very specific topics relevant to us. Being able to zero in on results helps us focus our resources on where they’ll yield the best results. The insights we’ve gathered from the platform continue to point the way to new avenues for getting our message out.

Visit Baton Rouge

Our marketing budgets are small, and we have to make sure we use every dollar wisely. Meltwater provides the statistics we need to show what our efforts are doing.

Food For The Poor

Meltwater helps us evaluate and share the stories of what we and our donors are doing through Food For The Poor. This inspires other people to realize that they also can be part of the solution to getting people out of poverty.


Meltwater is a key tool to the strengthening of our communication. It’s not only because of all the built-in features that we use. It’s also due to the close relationships we have with the representatives at Meltwater.