Todos pela Educação (All for Education)

Meltwater gives us the ability to drill down from a major topic to many important subtopics. For example, if we’re talking about funds for education, we can also see how, based on tracking conversations, this also influences the common core for primary education. These details add a lot to our credibility.


We’re transitioning to the digital sphere, but we still have a greater presence in traditional media. That’s why it’s vital for us to be monitoring both types of media. Meltwater lives in these two worlds, with the perfect platform to make sense of the familiar networks and the modern participatory channels.

American Indian College Fund

It’s hard to get a national audience interested in American-Indian education because we’re such a small population. Meltwater has been the key to generating new coverage.

Florida International University

By using Meltwater, the students can understand and apply firsthand the concepts they’re being taught in the classroom. They leave the class feeling better prepared and more satisfied.

Edmonton Catholic School District

Meltwater pulls from so many different sources, ensuring we don’t miss articles. With Cision, we were missing stories from regional and local outlets in Canada.