New York Road Runners

Meltwater is really an invaluable tool. Whether it’s our coverage stream, the daily email, or the app on our phone, the platform does it all.

KERV Interactive

I’m excited to work for a company that represents the future of video advertising. Meltwater is helping us succeed by providing so much versatility in one platform.

Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau

Many times we need a report as soon as the communication is sent out, and Meltwater’s reporting is excellent for our purposes. The reach metric is huge for us.

VC Inc. Marketing

Meltwater is allowing me to work much more efficiently and much faster than I did previously. Given the time that’s saved in research, I can focus on finding really creative ways to deliver solutions that will build the sales of my clients.

Todos pela Educação (All for Education)

Meltwater gives us the ability to drill down from a major topic to many important subtopics. For example, if we’re talking about funds for education, we can also see how, based on tracking conversations, this also influences the common core for primary education. These details add a lot to our credibility.