A week after the FIFA scandal, the Champions League final is upon us – and social media is raving about it! We’re seeing Barça and Juve supporters taunting each other on social by sharing videos of their favourite players, trying to deter the opponent and claim victory early. The press are also covering the event – but the tone is very different. We decided to take a look online using the search term Champions League across several languages, both on the press and social media, to see what’s going on in this space.

The People vs. The Press

For the past week, everyone’s talking about football: the FIFA scandal brought this sport onto everyone’s minds across the globe. Once Sepp Blatter resigned, however, social sentiment went back to normal – but the same can’t be said for the traditional press.

While there are thousands praising the achievements of the likes of Leo Messi and Paul Pogba on social media, traditional media are taking a different stance, preferring to associate the final of the Champions League to those of Sepp Blatter and his henchmen. This has resulted in a score of positive tone of comments on social media, but a wave of negativity in the press.

We can see that news publications have the scandal splashed across their pages, but on social the public are discussing football and football, seemingly ignoring the negative messages the media are pushing out. (And this is great news for FIFA’s sponsors, who were in full crisis comms mode until Sepp Blatter stepped down.)