Brand awareness is the first stage in the customer purchase funnel and is the bread and butter of brand equity. Without high brand awareness, it’s difficult to achieve the additional elements that build brand equity; as such, we’re here to discuss best practice of increasing brand awareness for smaller brands on a tight budget.

Join the conversation

Smaller brands are less likely to employ designated social media managers, so we must be strategic with time and outbound engagement. Media intelligence tools, such as Meltwater, enable us to find the most relevant and beneficial conversations to join. If our brand is popping up in the right place and time repeatedly, we increase brand awareness and the chance of our name being recalled in relevant situations. Unfortunately, due to the vast amount of messages we see each day, our audience is unlikely to remember us at the first sight of our brand. Brand awareness doesn’t work unless we do, this is when connecting, engaging and managing our community frequently becomes key.

Don’t be predictable

You can’t get more Insta pic worthy than posing with a 7 foot tall Havaiana that doubles up as a float!

What better way to increase brand awareness than by creating buzz via non-traditional marketing campaigns. After all, if we follow the crowd then our campaign is unlikely to stand out and cut through the noise of billions of conversations happening online. Ambient marketing is a great way to increase brand awareness by stirring social engagement and boosting the chances of press mentions. But what makes ambient marketing even more desirable is the fact that unlike advertising, we don’t necessarily need to have deep pockets to be successful in raising brand awareness.

One great example of brand awareness success via ambient marketing is a campaign by shoe brand Havaianas who dished out flip flop shaped inflatables to nearby beach bums. They understood their market, their interests and where they’re likely to hangout and cashed in on the opportunity for them to increase brand awareness via social buzz. I mean, if a 7 foot tall Havaiana that can also be used as a float is not an Instagram worthy pic then I don’t know what is!

Increase word of mouth

Creating and increasing brand awareness comes naturally when we see a rise in positive word of mouth marketing and brand advocacy. Whilst our audience are likely to be mediated by the amount of messages they see from brands, be assured that the messages coming from their best mates mouth is heard and noted. One of the many ways we can increase brand awareness via WOM is by rewarding custom and finding ways to delight our audience. I recently ordered promotional merchandise from 4imprint, only to find a few weeks later that I had a post-delivery (which excited me enough- who doesn’t love post!) To my delight, the package contained a mug, sunglasses and sweets! I went straight on social to thank the company. My tweet was also sent to my followers, half of which are friends who studied marketing at University with me and are potential clientele for 4imprint.

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