We’re well into the holiday season, and in the States, Black Friday and its accompanying sales, long retail lines, busy parking lots, and new hot gadgets dominate both news and social media. But who were the winners and losers this Black Friday?

We put in social media and U.S. news searches into our media intelligence platform to see what gadgets Americans were buying and where they were buying them.

With a very narrow margin, Target was the brick and mortar winner. The win came despite anger from some consumers on social media at Target’s inclusive stance in the debate about the LGBT’s use of bathrooms. Target’s decision generated both #boycotttarget and #AnywhereButTarget campaigns as well as  #ThankYouTarget on the opposite side. Nonetheless, Target did exceptionally well in sales this Black Friday, and a hair better on share of voice than Best Buy, while Walmart slid into third place in chatter on news and social media.

Upstart holidays capitalizing on Thanksgiving/ Black Friday have been gaining traction the last few years. With a common hashtag as a rallying cry, Small Business Saturday lead the pack with Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday following behind, the newer Green Friday—a day that asks consumers to eschew Black Friday lines for a walk in a national park—was a distant fourth.

Though having multiple brand names included in the searches for Android Wear, the Apple Watch still dominated share of voice for smart watches. It was a different story for the iPhone vs. the Android phone, where having multiple brands for the Android handset may have had something to do with its lead of 22 percentage points. In game consoles, the Xbox One and PS4 dominated and in the nascent consumer drone market, DJI with it’s Mavic and Phantom models smoked the GoPro. 

There you have it, the share of voice winners of the Black Friday campaigns. If a company didn’t fare as well as they hoped, they still have Cyber Monday to try again. 

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Black Friday Infographic-4.png