Seriously…we want to know who cares. In order for us to find out, we dove into an audience report to understand the affinities behind the champions of Black Friday.


Turkey, football, and sales…that just about sums up this Thanksgiving weekend. While some choose to get cozy with loved ones, some choose to roll up their sleeves and take on crowds, lines, and MAJOR discounts. 


Whether at the local mall or on the web, most stores participate in the much-anticipated Black Friday sales on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Black Friday represents discounts of all sizes, which attract millions of shoppers to take out their wallets. This is a very big day of the year for many people, some would even say bigger than Christmas.


We set out to find out exactly who is driving Black Friday conversations. 

– Since California shows the highest volume of mentions on Black Friday – did this correlated to highest sales as well? 

– Most people are influenced by Obama – do you think he partakes in Black Friday sales? 

– YouTube and Twitter take the cake in terms of most trust earned by these consumers – are they seeing that in the bottom line? 


Are you surprised by any of these stats? 


Black-Friday-2019-Infographic (1).png