I’m a huge fan of Facebook Graph Search: Graph search is, if you ask me, the most exciting Search Engine out there at the moment. To be able to search for restaurants that my friends like, photos of exciting places that I might want to visit, people with similar interests, and cleaning companies that can help me now that I’m moving to San Francisco from Sweden makes life easier.  (I really did select my cleaning company based on their number of Facebook Likes.) Facebook is also pushing new content and features to Graph Search on a daily basis and, by doing so, they’re creating new, exciting ways that companies can benefit from using Graph Search.

I wrote a more detailed post about Graph Search a couple weeks back, but today I wanted to share 3 new smart ways that companies can use Graph Search.

Search for Events in Graph Search

One of the newest features in Graph Search is the ability to search for Events, and this can be really helpful to a lot of different businesses. You might want to see the events that your competitors are hosting, events that are nearby, and events that your co-workers are attending.

Upcoming events in San Francisco, California
As a local company you need to know what is going around around you. Is there a festival that you could sponsor? Is there a Marketing Event in which you can promote your business? By knowing all the upcoming events in your area, you can find places where you can promote your business.  As an example, I’ve searched for upcoming events in San Francisco. This search might be a bit too broad, but it’s a good example of what can be done.


If your search result is too broad you can filter all events by name, date, location and a bunch of other parameters in the left panel.

Upcoming events in San Francisco, California attended by Product Managers
You can also search for events that are attended by friends, co-workers and also professionals.  In this search (Upcoming events in San Francisco, California attended by Product Managers) I want to find out if there are any upcoming events in San Francisco that other Product Managers will attend.

Do Your Job Better: Crowdsource Your Apps

Whether you work as a Product Manager or Community Manager, there’s a sea of apps out there that can help you in your work. You can always ask your colleagues which apps that they are using, but who’s got time for that? Let’s ask Facebook instead!

Communication apps used by my co-workers
With this search I’m limiting all the apps to Communication Apps that my colleagues are using, and the search results are providing me with greats apps like Viber, Twitter and Klout.


Business apps used by Managers who work at Facebook
You might be curious about what apps people at other companies are using.  By searching for apps being used by Managers at Facebook I get a lot of great information about apps that help the employees at Facebook to work faster. Of course, you can also search for apps that is being used by C-level executives, community managers, sales managers and a lot of other professionals.

TIP: If you’re marketing or selling a specific application, this kind of searching is a great way to see what kind of people are in the market for your kind of app.

Find New Recruits – or a New Job

Trying to find a new chef for your restaurant? A new Doctor for your clinic? A new engineer for your SaaS company? Well, let’s use Facebook to find your next employee!

You can search for people with a certain degree, current employer, location, relationship and a bunch of other metrics. But just to get you going, here are two searches that you might find useful if you were looking to find a new Developer.

People who are Developers and who are friends of my friends 
It’s always good to check if people that we trust know someone we might want to talk to, and with this search we will check if any of our friends knows a Developer. In the search result you will see who the Developers are friends with, where they studied, where they live and a bunch of other relevant information.  If you really want to pin point your search you can also your search by location, gender, pages the developers like and a bunch of other metrics.

Stanford University graduates who work at Facebook
Let’s say that you want to target your main competitor’s employees. Facebook might not be our closest competitor, but with this search you will find people who studied at Stanford (which might be one important criteria of yours) and that work at Facebook.

This kind of search also works in reverse: if you’re going to interview for a job, you can do a search that’s “Friends of my Friends who work at [insert company],” and see whether there’s a someone that it might be worth reaching out to for a networking conversation.


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More good things to come…

We are still waiting for the ability to search for posts and to be able to use Graph Search on our phones. Facebook is working on these features, but they have said that it will take some time.  We’ll have to be patient, since the Product Manager in me recognizes that building Graph Search is a huge challenge: one does not just simply build a search engine for trillion of different objects.

So, while we wait for new features, we’ll have to make do with these three smart ways mentioned above to use Graph Search.

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