Social Media Recap: June 2017

This month’s social media recap focuses on the Twitter redesign, new Instagram features, and Facebook’s new mission to focus on Groups. All these platform updates are sure to impact PR pros, so let’s dig into what this will mean.

Twitter’s New Look

Twitter has a long list of changes it needs to make to its site. This week it unveiled the first of those changes—a new user interface. What we noticed: privacy settings and account menus have been moved to a side menu, profile photos are round, icons for reply, retweet, heart, and message are transparent, and there’s an additional dashboard on the bottom of your phone screen. Two changes sure to please PR folks is real-time count updates for likes/retweets and links that are staying in the stream. If you’re using Twitter for broadcast, make sure you have an attractive image associated with all your posts and if you’re using it for sponsored posts, be sure to run A/B tests to judge how this might impact your broadcast strategy, sales, and other metrics. 

Instagram Live and Stories Are More Prominent

Instagram now lets you turn live videos into stories, extending the life of your content. So, if followers missed your live video, they can still enjoy your labors up to 24 hours after the event. Also, IG has added a reminder in the photostream for users to check out the Instagram stories of the accounts they follow, reinforcing the pop-up notification received when one of your contacts goes live. If you haven’t used these enhanced features for brand engagement, now is a good time to start experimenting. As IG moves towards a revenue generating model, along with these enhancements, they’re tightening up guidelines of what type of content they expect from influencers and brands. With these multiple options for producing and promoting content via live or stories, IG will expect you to use these features to extend brand engagement without gaming the platform with irrelevant hashtags. 

Instagram Influencers

If you’re a PR pro with an influencer marketing program, the Instagram shift is an important one. We’ve known for some time that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) required users being paid to post about a product to disclose that payment, whether it is via in-kind product, access, or monetary in nature. However, the FTC and social sites haven’t cracked down on those ignoring the regulation. This month, the FTC signaled they were ramping up enforcement with a letter to more than 90 paid social media influencers and brands. In the letter, the FTC states that using a hashtag like #spon or #ad is no longer sufficient, especially if the hashtag appears “below the fold.”

Instagram has yet to penalize influencers or brands for ignoring a new feature, which places a clear “paid partnership” tag on posts, but the FTC has indicated that they will not be so lenient. Your best bet? Full disclosure. Additionally, IG will soon require the “paid partnership” tag while cracking down on violations with a (yet-undisclosed) penalty within a few months. The good news is that audiences engage with ads and sponsored posts on Instagram, even when they’re clearly labeled, so you shouldn’t lose traction from this feature.

Facebook Changes its Mission

Mark Zuckerberg announced a change to Facebook’s mission towards one where they: “Bring the world closer.” This new mission will hopefully result in more meaningful relationships and civic outcomes, nurtured via the platform’s Groups. Since this change of mission will underpin the product’s direction, it’s useful to take note. As Pages are the domain of brands, PR will have to adjust strategy to make use of the enhanced Groups features. It also means that an organization’s corporate social responsibility arm can take the lead in forging engagement on Facebook.

PR Takeaways

As our social media platforms evolve, so must our communications strategy. Keeping relevant for our audience and participating in our communities is imperative in our ever-shifting social media landscape. That’s why using Executive Alerts to keep on top of insights and opportunities should be a part of your media intelligence solution.

PR Crisis Comms in Action: Top 7 Social Media Fires of 2017 (So Far)

In a year where an average Joe has the gall to mansplain the Bible to the Pope on Twitter or a presidential spelling error (covfefe) can go viral, PR pros need to be more vigilant than ever about their brand’s social media presence. If pre-2016 media monitoring was a convenient tool in your martech stack, it’s now your right-hand man. (And if you aren’t listening to social on your smartphone, you need to start that, stat. For Meltwater customers, here are links to our iOS and Android apps.)

PR Crisis Comms Recap

Yes, it’s only June, but these PR brand fails are too good to wait until December to assess and learn from. Some of these missteps have caused companies to re-evaluate their business practices and put jobs on the chopping block, while others were minor snafus that the brands involved would surely like to forget. Thankfully, most recovered through quick-acting PR crisis comms. Those still in recovery mode usually faltered in their initial response, which sometimes led to additional crises while the brand was under a magnifying glass.

Without further ado, let’s count them down:

7. Shea Moisture

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 1.23.32 PM.png

Checking Shea Moisture’s sentiment score with the Meltwater media intelligence platform from the beginning of the year, we see that Shea Moisture consistently skews positive with a few blips. The biggest dip being these series of commercials in late April. Once the apology was offered, sentiment score began climbing and is now safely positive.

Shea Moisture, a brand offering hair care products, thought they were expanding their reach by including different hair types in a series of television commercials. They didn’t consider that despite this push for inclusivity, they included mostly white women with very few women of color (WOC)/black women represented. Seeing as WOC have been their core audience from the start, the backlash was furious. The WOC who had supported Shea Moisture felt like they were left behind as the company grew. In a candid mea culpa on IG, Shea Moisture copped to their error, explained how they made the mistake and vowed to do better in the future. 

6. Adidas

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 1.36.55 PM.png

Adidas’ sentiment score is usually neutral, but sending this email sent it into a negative sentiment score. A month after the crisis, they experienced some volatility, but as of publication, Adidas is back to a neutral sentiment score.

Adidas congratulates Boston Marathon “survivors.” There is such a thing as really bad timing, Adidas learned this the hard way when they sent an email congratulating Boston Marathon participants. In the tone-deaf email, the subject line was: “Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon!” Social media was quick to admonish and remind them that the 2013 tragedy wasn’t far enough in the rearview mirror. 

Adidas immediately issued an apology, acknowledging brand #fail, and the crisis didn’t balloon. In responses and retweets, you’ll see their audience debating and even defending them. Because of the quick response by their comms team, they were able to show genuine remorse in their apology, and their message was welcomed by their community.

5. Juicero

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 1.05.09 PM.png

Despite the bad press that Juicero received from the Bloomberg video, that news wasn’t the worse sentiment score for the wifi-enabled juicer this year, that goes to the announcement that one of its founding team members was jumping ship in late January. And while the uselessness of the juicer caused a general negative sentiment score since April as of publication of this post, the sentiment is now skewing positive.

Juicero is a company that makes wifi-enabled devices for juicing fruits and veggies. When a Bloomberg video revealed that the $400 (previously, $700) Juicero Press wasn’t actually needed to squeeze the company’s single-serving packets of chopped fruits and vegetables, the mockery on social media was brutal. Turns out that using your hands and a little pressure was almost as effective. Amidst the criticism, Juicero became a poster child for VC excess. The new CEO, even when faced with the reality of the video, was unwilling to back down on the product’s value proposition, so Juicero remains a running joke. Refunds for the pricey juicer didn’t seem to halt the negative articles. Given the huge overhead in manufacturing consumer goods, Juicero’s prospects for survival are still in question. 

4. Fyre Festival

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 2.00.05 PM.png

Sentiment score can be tricky when schadenfreude takes over and the audience expresses joy over a brand’s crisis. Since those actually affected by the failure of the festival is a small portion of the social media audience discussing Fyre. (Which is to say, it’s hard to parse sarcasm in social media language.)

Organizing a music festival is a lot to take on. But despite the effort required, each year, a few new ones are produced (some make it, some don’t). Adding a new twist, Billy McFarland and musician Ja Rule decided that they’d launch a luxury version with headliners Blink-182, Migos, and Major Lazer. The destination was a private island in the Bahamas, and tickets ran from $2.5k to $250k for deluxe packages.

Presale tickets promised amenities like villa-style housing, gourmet catering, beach yoga, bikini-clad models, and yachts to lounge on. Instead, the well-off people who arrived on the island found a “disaster tent city” with no villas, no bands, and no models. Turns out the organizers were much more adept at influencer PR than PR crisis comms (not to mention event planning). Instagram photos document bread and cheese sandwiches in place of gourmet meals, leaving those who couldn’t afford the ticket rubbing their hands in glee. Schadenfreude is an addictive brew for those who had anticipated feeling FOMO.

3. Pepsi

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 12.34.41 PM.png

A big brand like Pepsi is bound to inspire wide ranges of sentiment and we see this using the Meltwater media intelligence platform. The Kendall Jenner “Live for Now Moments Anthem” commercial is a low point on the graph, April 4th, but notice how March 19th is a lower point? It’s the 20th anniversary of the Spice Girl’s Pepsi advertisement. This week, at least, Pepsi is firmly in positive sentiment score territory.

It’s hard to believe that the Pepsi “Live for Now Moments Anthem” commercial starring Kendall Jenner was conceived and green-lit without anyone along the process saying, “Let’s reconsider this…” The set-up is a multiculti cast engaged in street protest. While Pepsi never commits to a particular cause, Black Lives Matter and immigration both come to mind. The ad spot follows Jenner as a model who becomes politicized by a protest happening near her photo shoot, so she joins the march. At a pivotal moment when there is a stand-off with cops, she offers a young officer a Pepsi, diffusing tensions, and everyone erupts in cheers. Within no time, this attempt to position Pepsi as both a protest drink and a balm to heal tensions was lampooned in a Saturday Night Live sketch. The in-house-produced campaign was pulled within a day and Pepsi apologized. Ironically many of the signs being held up by the commercial’s protesters read “Join the Conversation,” but when Pepsi’s real-life audience did just that, on social media and in the press, the iconic beverage brand was at a loss. While this gaffe is unlikely to hurt their bottom line, it serves to highlight the importance of anticipating engagement and making sure that a brand’s position can be backed up.

2. United Airlines

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 12.21.49 PM.png

Using Meltwater’s media intelligence platform to look at United Airlines’ sentiment score for 2017, it’s been rocky as they hit minor crises and then course correct. Of course, airlines are experts at crisis comms and as we move into the summer, United’s sentiment score is skewing positive.

United Airlines‘ troubles this year began with #leggingsgate, but the drag and drop incident with Dr. David Dao was the pinnacle of their PR comms crises. Being an airline, you’d think they’d be well-versed in diffusing tensions, but their delayed responses and the tone-deaf communications around both incidents underlined the need for modern digital comms training (it’s always watching and always on), and the interconnection between customer service and community-building. 

1. Uber

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 11.47.34 AM.pngWith the Meltwater media intelligence platform, we see that Uber was trending positive in sentiment score from June through December 2016, but the brand began to see a decline on January 8. Since they have been hit with multiple crises this year, they’ve been unable to get a positive sentiment score on social media.

Rounding out our list, Uber is the personification of what not to do when hit with wave after wave of crises. Their troubles may have started with a seat on Trump’s advisory council, tales of a misogynistic work culture, the perception of trying to break a taxi strike in NYC, or other shady shenanigans. But given that they have been unable to stem the tide of seemingly unrelated crises, it has been proposed that misguided management and a toxic culture are to blame. The company is still reeling and have recently fired 20 employees in connection to these crises, including Emil Michael, their SVP of Business

Even if Uber handled their multiple crises appropriately at every step, with so many different crises coming out, it’s apparent that there are deeper organizational issues. Issues that are beyond the scope of a well-prepared PR department, or even an outside crisis PR firm. Indeed their contracting of well-regarded, former Attorney General Eric Holder and his 13-page report of recommendations at Uber was a good start to addressing the misogyny in the organization but felt like too little too late. And as accusations of corporate espionage still loom as well as allegations of greyball tactics their CEO, Travis Kalanick, is out as board members try to stem the tide of bad press that could endanger the bottom line.

As the PR and corporate world await the announcement of a new CEO, this move hopefully signals a new direction for the company. After Uber implements all of Holder’s recommendations, and when the affect of those changes reverberate throughout the organization, it’ll be the tough work of the PR and comms team to broadcast those changes to the public. It remains to be seen if this housecleaning will be enough to turn the organization around, but the PR industry is likely rooting for a happy ending to this unicorn’s tale.

Main PR Takeaway:

Each of these social media fires could have been, if not prevented, at the least mitigated, by listening to your community’s chatter and putting “just in case” crisis comms into place

Additional PR Takeaways:

  • Know your brand’s value proposition and lead with that.
  • When a brand misstep occurs, genuinely apologize and share what you’ll do to mitigate making similar mistakes in the future.
  • Don’t fake community. Actually, don’t fake anything.
  • When in doubt, talk to your community; they’re the people who already support you. They know your brand values, even if you’ve momentarily forgotten them.
  • Treat your community with respect and listen to what they have to say, they will welcome you. If you’re only interested in the bottom line, it will show.

crisis communications brand fails

Attention Business Leaders: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Master Social

So you’re a C-Suite executive. A top business leader. Some call you the big cheese, the head honcho, the holder of the pocket book. Your business is your life. So why aren’t you paying more attention to social?

Data shows that when leaders and senior management are on active on social, their businesses experience an increase in positive sentiment and better brand perception. Data also shows an increase in employee engagement when a company’s leader is active on social media. With a relatable and accessible CEO and a company’s encouragement of employee social advocacy, studies show less turnover and higher attraction for talent.

With those benefits, what have you got to lose?

So, here are quick tips on how to engage, utilize, and master social media:

1. Cultivate Your Voice

As a company leader, you need to also “create” a personal brand. One that ties into your company’s brand but has a personal twist. When your community connects with you, they don’t want to hear you reiterate what your brand channels are already publishing.

They want the inside scoop from the person at the top. If you’ve launched a new feature, the social media accounts of the brand can describe how the feature works. But your community will look to your personal social accounts to explain why the feature makes sense given the direction of the product or how this feature ties into upcoming initiatives that are in the works for the organization. 

2. Understand the Work of Social Media and Comms

Don’t be that CEO that makes spelling mistakes or bad comments because you’re rushed. Little mistakes can turn into larger PR nightmares. Right now you’re busy. But once you start diving into having an active social presence, you’ll learn how much work it takes.

That’s why it pays to get a team of experts to train you in the DOs and DON’Ts of social media. Have them create a posting calendar for you, one that you can review and double check before content makes its way out into the social sphere. Create a cadence with your posts, and look for a mix of broadcasting brand messages, sharing personal tidbits, retweeting and engaging colleagues. Like most habits, it takes practice, but setting up a calendar and system for posting will help the task feel like second nature.

3. Be Prepared for Crises

Related, if you surround yourself with a team of social experts, you’ll hopefully be prepared with appropriate content if (when) a crisis hits. Read up on some of our best crisis comms blog posts and have the team prepare your action plan.

Remember, as with reason #1, use your personal voice. When preparing a statement or mea culpa, don’t sound like a dry press release. Don’t use corporate speak, that’s already out there. People will want to hear a leader speak with true understanding of the crisis that took place, offer a genuine apology (if it is warranted), and what actionable next steps will be put into place.

4. Be a Part of the Conversation

In order to be a part of the conversation, you first have to listen. You’re in luck since Meltwater’s Executive Alerts does all the heavy lifting for you. Input a location or keywords and keep track of the conversations that mean the most to you.

By knowing what’s happening in the online social world, what folks are saying about your brand and yourself,  you will be in a powerful position, prepared to have meaningful conversations. You can RT/share positive customer testimonials, reply to customers that may be experiencing something difficult with your brand, and of course, engage with other leaders in your industry.

5. Some of the Best Are on Social

More of a visual learner? Join well-known CEOs who are experts at social and learn a thing or two from them:

Now you know the reasons why you should start tweeting and ‘grammming, what are you waiting for?

PR Tips: Taking Control of the Conversation in a Digital World

Public relations is about communications: the message, the medium, and the content. However, the channels are changing and so is the technology. Today, communication is messy, splintered, and in real time. It’s amplified by the social web and has made everyone a publisher and a virtual reporter. Nonetheless, the message still needs to touch hearts and minds.

If you think it was hard to get your message out before the social web showed up, you were right. But now the challenge is even harder.

So how do companies, PR agencies and communications professionals transition from a world of the 7 o’clock news cycle and column inches to a noisy and distracted 24/7 digital world that never sleeps?

#1: Get Smarter with Your Press Release

You need to be more creative with your communications. Let’s imagine a PR firm that specializes in beauty and personal care sends out multiple press releases for the same product over time. A media intelligence platform provides the tools needed to compare the performance of each release and benchmarking their impact on reach, share of voice, keyword themes associated with the brand. The company can now track impact and ROI by asking and answering questions like:

  • How did various releases compare in reaching our target audience?
  • Which releases succeeded in changing the conversation in the way we wanted?
  • Were the media lists different?
  • Was the language different?
  • Did timing play a role?

#2: Work with Influencers and Advocates

The online influencer is now a credible and mainstream PR tactic, so when choosing an influencer or spokesperson to represent your brand, make sure to benchmark potential candidates by reach and media exposure. Media intelligence dashboards provide the tools to set up a separate search for each individual and then create a dashboard that aggregates and compares them all. The data doesn’t lie. It will show a clear frontrunner in terms of reach and exposure. Or maybe one top candidate has greater reach, while another one has more exposure. You can now figure out why… and make an informed decision.


Four influencers are benchmarked for their share of voice (SOV) on Twitter and in the traditional news media to help assess which ones have the strongest audience pull.

#3: Monitor News Media and Social Coverage

The social web has democratized communications. Comparing news coverage vs. social chatter on a specific topic can be especially useful for understanding the connection (or disconnect) between news and public opinion.

pr tips digital conversations

This company maps and compares brand sentiment on social channels and national news. They may want to look at their October coverage to see what caused an across the board dip.

#4: Use Data to Measure Product Performance

Social proof for brands is now about data and metrics. Imagine that an athletic shoe company is branching out to athletic wear. They have several lines of clothing they just launched (men’s, women’s, and various sports). Benchmarking for exposure, reach, and share of voice against the comparable lines by competitors wouldn’t make sense as those brands are already well-established. So the company poses a question: which of their new products is doing best? And they benchmark the different lines of clothing against each other. The data produces insights that are worth gold!

Because the company understands that a new line of business can take timeto make money, they will use this benchmarking (as opposed to simply sales figures) to help guide product decisions.

Adapting to new communication channels and media is critical. So is keeping on top of the revolution that is happening right in front of us in what is now a global village. The democratization of publishing and marketing is switching the power from the gatekeepers to the creators. The proverbial stoop where our newspapers used to be delivered to now takes many forms (smartphones, tablets, desktops, smart devices), and we must optimize the messages we deliver throughout.

Are you adapting, innovating, and embracing the change or are you hiding and avoiding it? Your attitude to change is maybe the biggest challenge you have. Over to you.

pr tips digital conversations

This post was originally published on our site on July 19, 2016, we republish posts for our readers that may have missed them the first time around.

Social Sidekick July 2017: Social Holidays, Themes, and Noteworthy Events

Oh say can you Tweet! The 4th of July, the return of Game of Thrones, Shark Week, and Wimbledon may be comin’ in hot this July, but you can keep your social media workload light by planning your social holiday posts in advance. Subscribe to Sidekick to get our monthly digest straight to your inbox so you can spend less time deskside and more time poolside this summer. Cowabunga!


Cord Blood Awareness Month, Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month, Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, UV Safety Month

Blueberry Month, Hot Dog Month, Ice Cream Month, Picnic Month

Anti-Boredom Month, Cell Phone Courtesy Month


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Saturday, July 1

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Liv Tyler, Dan Aykroyd, Pam Anderson, Missy Elliot

Sunday, July 2

Build A Scarecrow Day, I Forgot Day, World UFO Day

Margot Robbie, Lindsay Lohan, Larry David, Ashley Tisdale

Monday, July 3

Compliment Your Mirror Day, Disobedience Day, Stay out of the Sun Day

Tom Cruise, Olivia Munn, Yeardley Smith, Patrick Wilson, Connie Nielsen

Wimbledon begins

Tuesday, July 4

Independence Day (U.S.), National Country Music Day, Sidewalk Egg Frying Day

Neil Simon, Eva Marie Saint, Bill Withers

A Capitol Fourth (PBS, 8 PM), The Words That Built America (HBO, 7 PM)

Allen & Co Conference begins (Sun Valley)

Wednesday, July 5 

National Bikini Day, Workaholics Day

Eva Green, Huey Lewis, Edie Falco

Snowfall (FX, 10 PM)

Thursday, July 6

International Kissing Day, National Fried Chicken Day

Kevin Hart, Sylvester Stallone, 50 Cent

Friday, July 7

Chocolate Day, National Strawberry Sundae Day

Ringo Starr, Jim Gaffigan, Shelley Duvall

Castlevania (Netflix)

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Saturday, July 8

Blueberry Day, Video Games Day

Kevin Bacon, Angelica Huston, Beck, Milo Ventimiglia, Wolfgang Puck

Tour de Pharmacy (HBO, 10 PM)

Sunday, July 9

Sugar Cookie Day

Tom Hanks, Chris Cooper, Dean Koontz, Courtney Love, Fred Savage

Alec Baldwin: One Night Only (Spike, 9 PM), Candy Crush (CBS, 9 PM), The Defiant Ones (HBO, 9 PM), Apollo Gauntlet (Adult Swim, 12:15 AM)

Monday, July 10

Teddy Bear Picnic Day

Sofia Vergara, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jessica Simpson

Dessert Games (Food, 8 PM), Texas Cake House (Food, 9 PM), The Real Housewives of Orange County (Bravo, 9 PM), Will (TNT, 9 PM), Funny How? (Viceland, 11:30 PM), Ghosts of Shepherdstown (TLC, 10 PM)

Tuesday, July 11

Cheer up the Lonely Day, World Population Day`

Richie Sambora, Giorgio Armani

The Bold Type (Freeform, 9 PM), American Ripper (History, 10 PM)

Wednesday, July 12 

Different Colored Eyes Day, Pecan Pie Day

Michelle Rodriguez, Cheryl Ladd, Topher Grace

Nature’s Great Race (PBS, 9 PM), Salvation (CBS, 9 PM), Suits (USA, 9 PM), Odd Mom Out (Bravo, 10 PM)


Thursday, July 13

French Fry Day, Barbershop Music Appreciation Day, Embrace Your Geekness Day

Harrison Ford, Patrick Stewart, Cameron Crowe, Cheech Marin

Penn & Teller: Fool Us (CW, 8 PM), Hooten & the Lady (CW, 9 PM)

Emmy nominations announced

Friday, July 14

Bastille Day, Mac and Cheese Day, Pandemonium Day, National Nude Day

Jane Lynch, Matthew Fox, Jackie Earle Haley

Buddy Thunderstruck, Chasing Coral, Friends from College, To the Bone (Netflix)

War for the Planet of the Apes

Saturday, July 15

Tapioca Pudding Day, Cow Appreciation Day

Forrest Whitaker, Diane Kruger, Scott Foley

The Vanilla Ice Project (DIY, 10 PM)

Wimbledon Women’s Finals

Sunday, July 16

Fresh Spinach Day, National Ice Cream Day

Will Ferrell

Shahs of Sunset (Bravo, 8 PM), Game of Thrones (HBO, 9 PM), The Strain (FX, 10 PM), Remember Me (PBS, 10 PM)

Wimbledon Men’s Finals

Monday, July 17

Global Hug Your Kids Day

Donald Sutherland, David Hasselhoff

Loaded (AMC, 10 PM)

Tuesday, July 18

National Caviar Day

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Weekend in Havana (PBS, 8 PM), The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 (MTV, tbd), A Night with My Ex (Bravo, 10 PM), Rare – Creatures of the Photo Ark (PBS, 9 PM), Shooter (USA, 10 PM)

Wednesday, July 19

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Thursday, July 20

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British Open begins (Golf)

Comic-Con International: San Diego begins

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Descendants 2 (ABC, 8 PM), Niko and the Sword of Light (Amazon), Ozark (Netflix)

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Girls Trip, Dunkirk

Saturday, July 22

Hammock Day

Selena Gomez, Willem Dafoe, David Spade, Alex Trebek, John Leguizamo

Sunday, July 23

National Hot Dog Day, Parent’s Day, Vanilla Ice Cream Day

Daniel Radcliffe, Woody Harrelson, Kathryn Hahn

Ballers (HBO, 10 PM), Insecure (HBO, 10:30 PM)

Shark Week begins (Discovery Channel)

Monday, July 24

Tequila Day, Amelia Earhart Day, Cousins Day

Jennifer Lopez, Anna Paquin, Rose Byrne, Gus Van Sant

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood (VH1, 8 PM), Somewhere Between (ABC, 10 PM), Midnight, Texas (NBC, 10 PM)

Tuesday, July 25

Merry-Go-Round Day, Hot Fudge Sundae Day, Culinarians Day, Threading the Needle Day

Matt LeBlanc

Bizarre Foods (Travel, 9 PM), Joe Mande’s Award-Winning Comedy Special (Netflix)

Wednesday, July 26

All or Nothing Day, Aunt and Uncle Day

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Thursday, July 27

National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day, Bagpipe Appreciation Day, Chili Dog Day

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Maya Rudolph

Friday, July 28

Hepatitis Day, National Milk Chocolate Day, System Administrator Appreciation Day

Elizabeth Berkley

The Last Tycoon (Amazon), Room 104 (HBO, 11:30 PM)

The Emoji Movie, Atomic Blonde

Saturday, July 29

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Sunday, July 30

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Monday, July 31

Avocado Day, Mutt’s Day

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The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All (ABC, 8 PM)