Sydney Australia, 21 November 2011 – Meltwater Group, one of the world’s leading online media intelligence companies, today expanded its not-for-profit portfolio with contracts to provide its online media monitoring service to three organisations: The Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation (ACCF)Black Dog Insitute and New Rural Industries Australia (NRIA).

The not-for-profit organisations are using Meltwater News, an online news monitoring service that crawls more than 162,000 online news sources from over 190 countries to help clients keep abreast of trends and issues, identify target audiences and measure the ROI of marketing and public relations campaigns.

According to Alicia Kennedy, Area Director of Meltwater Australia and New Zealand, not-for-profit organisations are increasingly embracing online media monitoring tools as a key element of community engagement practices.

“Communities are looking to not-for-profit organisations such as the ACCF, BlackDog Institute and NRIA to raise awareness and give a voice to many issues that often go unnoticed.  But working in a fast-paced environment where organisations need to keep its stakeholders informed whilst making every dollar count can be quite a balancing act.

Meltwater News provide real business value by collecting relevant online media coverage, so not-for-profit organisations can keep their finger on their pulse of the issues and communities they are working with.  We are pleased to say that we now provide our tools to  191 not-for-profit organisations in Australia,” said Kennedy.

Ian Dose, Communications Manager of Black Dog Institute, is using Meltwater News to help measure which campaigns are successfully raising awareness of the organisation and its work in depression and bi-polar disease.

“Our success as an organisation lies in our ability to raise awareness around mood disorders and help improve the lives of those affected.  We partner with a number of organisations around the country to run public awareness campaigns and it’s critical we understand which campaigns are working, and which aren’t.  An essential part of this, is measuring the amount of online news coverage we receive across all of the states particularly regional areas which would be quite time consuming to track manually.”

Joe Tooma, CEO of The Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation (ACCF), is using Meltwater News to keep its 11 000 stakeholders informed and up-to-date on news around cervical cancer.

“As our community looks to us to raise awareness of cervical cancer and its prevention in Australia, we need to be on the front foot of what’s happening in the health space, not just locally but all across the world.  If there’s new research that’s been conducted, Meltwater will let us know about it so we can in turn inform our stakeholders and post it on our website and Facebook page.”

Lana Mitchell, Communications Manager of New Rural Industries Australia, is using Meltwater News to better understand and represent its diverse range of subscribers that make up some of Australia’s emerging rural industry groups.

“From lychees to lavender growers, the industries we represent are niche and far-reaching – by  receiving all relevant online news coverage in one simple email, we can keep abreast of valuable information about these different industries that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get a hold off. Our goal is to identify opportunities for our members to build their businesses – and Meltwater News helps us do exactly that.”

These new clients come fresh off the back of a recent Meltwater News upgrade, which has added additional capabilities to its media contact database to access and search thousands of contacts as well as creating and exporting custom media lists. In addition to this, Meltwater News now also incorporates  additional social media features, such as the ability to monitor social media conversations on more than 200 million online sources, including blogs, TwitterFacebook and YouTube, to the existing product.

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