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Real-time social management and analytics designed to help you succeed at social

It’s more important than ever for you to meet your audience where they live and play online. Meltwater’s social media management solutions make it easy to build connections with your audience and streamline customer engagement, so you can be where you need to be when you need to be there.

Plan & Execute Campaigns

Discover, curate, create and distribute social content that is more engaging, timely and less costly to produce.

Streamline Customer Care

Engage with customers across owned and earned channels to improve customer satisfaction and increase loyalty.

Governance and Workflow

Accommodate small to large social teams in a single system with customizable screens based on user roles.

Automated Reporting & Dashboards

Get complete visibility and control over your earned and owned so you can optimize campaigns and maximize ROI in real-time.

Campaign Planning and Execution

Draft and distribute content across social channels and maintain brand voice with integrated workflows from your desktop or mobile device.

• Draft, schedule and publish content to major social channels from a centralized content calendar

• Eliminate potential mishaps with draft and approval workflow with governance tracking

• Share or suggest top performing content to streamline resources and ensure consistent brand voice


“Sysomos [Meltwater Social] allows us to post status updates en masse so we can communicate with our 700 different locations. From a local level, what Sysomos [Meltwater Social] also allows us to do is get insights into what posts the store managers are doing that are super successful.” Tamara Vostok Consumer & New Media Marketing Manager Barnes & Noble

Streamline Prioritize Customer Engagement

With the influx of customer mentions, a strong social care program requires carefully crafted coordination. Meltwater gives you the power to monitor all mentions to create an effective response management system with measurable customer service SLAs.


• Respond to public conversations or private messages for quick resolution

• Maximize efficiency with pre-canned responses

• Allow a team to simultaneously respond to high volume conversations

• Feed your CRM system with social conversation cases for a holistic view of customer care

” Our engagement team can code messages by type and sentiment, track discussion topics and analyze employee performance closely with Sysomos [Meltwater Social]. And with an audit trail in place for content approval, we can easily look back at past content and gather learnings to expedite the approval process.”

Integrate Data Across Earned and Owned

It’s become increasingly difficult for brands to reach followers organically so maximizing every opportunity to boost visibility and engagement is critical. Get a single-lens view of all your social content across all the major social media channels to maximize your campaign ROI in real-time.

• Aggregate and benchmark KPIs across accounts, brands, channels, and markets

• Measure social campaigns to optimize reach, engagement, and purchase intent

• Get clear visibility into your entire social presence to understand the impact of paid media

• Track competitors to stay ahead of the curve


Social Media Management Capabilities

• Analytics across earned and owned media

• Campaign planning, scheduling, and publishing

• Content strategy, creation, and optimization

• Social customer service and care

• API’s for data integration

• Event monitoring and reporting

• Community management

• Governance and workflow management

• Global scalability across markets

• Custom dashboards and reporting

Manage social interactions at scale with Meltwater Social

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