Data Visualization

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A powerful solution for real-time assessment of social, news, and enterprise data sources

Meltwater Display integrates content and data from Meltwater, Sysomos, Salesforce, Zendesk, and a variety of web analytics sources to provide a complete 360° view of your brand and business. It creates visualizations of the metrics and key performance indicators that matter most to your business, and adds context and insight.

Beyond Marketing

Real-time Performance

Elegant screens bring clarity to the insights most important for your business. Quickly and easily access data on-the-fly for dynamic situational awareness, in-meeting answers, and smarter decision making.

Unify Data Sources

Utilize multiple sources to collect data and metrics on the performance of brands, products, and people. Integrate with 3rd party content to interact with current data sets and create a complete visual dashboard.

No More Blind Spots

By updating in real-time to provide accurate metrics, Meltwater Display ensures that you always know where you stand with regard to your key performance indicators.

Transform your social data into a tool for business success

• Create awareness and manage performance to aligned goals, across multiple functions and roles.

• Makes it easy to securely access and integrate internal proprietary data and external data sources.

• Create unlimited screens, customized by interest, in just a few clicks.


Key Features


Combine data from Meltwater with other sources to compile custom reports for campaign monitoring, trending news, predictive analysis, and other functions.

Admin Console

Enable and disable pre-built integrations of 3rd party data sources along with user settings.

Impact Score

Use machine learning to filter out noise and enable you to focus on the content that is truly impacting your brand.

Link Sharing

Share real-time insights, metrics, visualizations and personalized comments with anyone from any device, anywhere in the world.

Filters/Saved Filter Sets

Enable instant access to any combination of filter parameters.

Scrolling Presentation Mode

Create bespoke live screens to scroll continuously for presentations, executive visibility, events and other displays.

The Why, How, & ROI of a Brand Command Center

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