Forrester Report – Clear The Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Haze

Since Forrester defined the word-of-mouth (WoM) marketing space a year ago, the landscape has only become more confusing. Marketers are unsure how to differentiate between WoM marketing types and what each can deliver. Vendors muddle the landscape with their myriad offerings and terminologies. This brief helps marketers delineate the space and decide if a WoM marketing program is appropriate for them — and if so, which one.

Key takeaways include:

- Three types of word-of-mouth marketing
- Determine if word-of-mouth marketing is right for you
- Different approached to word-of=mouth marketing

Forrester Report – Clear The Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Haze E-Books Reports

Do’s and don’ts for End of Year Reporting

How do you illustrate the annual impact of your campaigns? Which stakeholders do you tailor your reports to and what do they expect you to track?

With so many PR and marketing initiatives throughout the year, end of year reporting can get very confusing, very fast. You work hard all year-long, shouldn’t your reports reflect that?

After this webinar, you’ll be able to:

• Ways to get past reporting pain points
• How to analyze your growth and progress
• Data types to track your campaigns
• What to include in a year-end report

On-Demand Webinar: Do’s and don’ts for End of Year Reporting Webinars

The Communication Pro’s Guide to Influencer Marketing

It’s time to leverage influencers in your content for maximum impact.

Here we look at some examples of brands that are getting it right and provide expert advice on working with the right influencers to improve your PR and content marketing. Learn how to:

• Find the right influencers and get them to work with you
• Make the most of those relationships once you’ve established them
• Measure the success of your influencer programs

On-Demand Webinar: How to Build Successful Relationships with Influencers Webinars

On-Demand Webinar: Learn How to Influence the Influencer Webinars

The Communication Pro’s Guide to Influencer Marketing E-Books

Don’t Let Your Brand Be Crisis

Accidents happen. A crisis can strike at any moment. It’s impossible to predict every outcome. When your brand is in crisis, it’s easy to shut down and not respond. Nowadays, no response is the wrong response.

On-Demand Webinar: Don’t Let Your Brand Be Crisis Webinars

Crisis Management: You don’t have to be big to be ready

In a today’s world of social media, a crisis can hit at any time.

Someone who understands the complexities of crisis, it is John McDonald, founder of Caeli Communications, a strategic communications consultancy specializing in crisis management and communications leadership. John has been on the ‘firing line’ during dozens of business emergencies. He shares these stories with actionable advice that enables clients to be prepared, react appropriately and move their organization beyond the crisis.

On-Demand Webinar: Crisis Management Webinars

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