Unleash Social Listening

Putting Social Data to into Action

Social media gives consumers and brands an always-on way to connect online. But while most marcomm pros understand the importance of tracking conversations happening online, few have the tools to extract their full meaning and value.

In this webinar, our guest speaker Forrester Researcher Samantha Ngo shares how to convert this flood of social data into meaningful answers that help win, serve, and retain customers.

Webinar Highlights:

  • How to harness social media data and turn it into actionable insight
  • The foundations of social intelligence—purpose, people, platform, and process
  • Best practices for building a social intelligence practice at your organization


About the Speaker
Samantha Ngo
samantha ngo
Researcher, Forrester
Samantha (Sam) is a researcher serving Customer Insights Professionals. Her research spans how customer and marketing data drives business decisions with a focus on best practices, trends, and tools in the areas of customer loyalty, digital intelligence, and social intelligence.

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