Facebook Marketing Strategies | Optimize Your Facebook Business Page with Graph Search


Facebook marketing strategies - optimize your facebook business page for facebook search marketing
Wondering your Facebook Marketing strategies can be helped with Graph Search? Check out this guide.

Facebook Marketing Strategies Guide: Graph SearchYour business will probably not be visited by 1.2 billion people this month. But Facebook will.

Why does this matter?  Two words: Graph Search.

Facebook serves hyper-relevant and unique search results to all its users.  When you’re setting your Facebook marketing strategy, it’s critical to understand both how to use Facebook Graph Search, and how to be found in those results.

In this second installment of our Facebook Business Essentials series, you’ll learn:

  1. How to be found in Graph Search
  2. How to use Graph Search to build engagement
  3. How to use Graph Search to expand your community


If you’re new to Facebook and want to know more about how to set up a Facebook Page for business, check out that link.

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