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Disruption, Drama & Data: 10 Steps to Smarter Crisis Communications

In a world of social media, crisis can hit any time.

Not only has social fundamentally changed the pace, volume, and reach of news stories, we’ve also integrated it into every aspect of business activity. Today we use social networks for everything from PR and marketing messages to customer service, employee recruiting, sales enablement, and the promotion of workplace culture. We’ve opened up two-way communications on every front, and any friction can spark a crisis.

Watch our webinar to find out how social media can help you keep up—and get ahead of—crisis communications::

  • Alerts ensure you’re the first to know that a crisis is building
  • Social listening tools help you check the media’s pulse and your community’s reaction
  • The insights you gathered along the way will shed light on how to avoid something similar from happening again

Media intelligence will serve you well any day of the week, but during a crisis it is indispensable. Join us to learn more and get 10 steps to crisis preparation and planning.


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