CMO’s Guide to Social Media

Everything Business Leaders Need to Know About Social Media in 2018

The social media revolution began over a decade ago and most businesses now implement some kind of strategy for social. But technology doesn’t stand still and social media has evolved significantly over that period – unless you’re working at the coal-face of social every day, it can be difficult for senior executives to keep up with the rapid pace of change.

This eBook provides a high-level overview of the current state of social media, to help VP level executives understand the platforms and strategies that matter in 2018.

  • Which Platforms Matter: Why it's not just about Twitter and Facebook anymore
  • Understand the Benefits: What can each of the channels do for your business>
  • Strategy & Approach: How are leading brands using social media today?
  • Paid Social: Understand your options for social media advertising
  • Visual Listening: How image recognition technology is changing social analytics
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