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Polkadot Communications offers a breadth of services that fall under the communications umbrella. Whether you’re after a bespoke PR Agency, a Communications Agency, a Social Media Agency, an SEO Agency, an Event Management Agency – Polkadot Communications is a one-stop-shop consultancy that tailors the marketing strategy to the individual client’s needs.


No access to global coverage or benchmark reporting against competitors

Prior to working with Meltwater, the team at Polkadot Communications didn't have an easy way to report on media coverage: certain keywords and articles were missed including global media coverage. They couldn't keep track of industry trends or benchmark against competitors. They needed a solution to monitor, analyse and report on local and global media coverage and industry trends in real-time including creating high-level reports for clients, better understand the results of campaigns against competitors and improve the team's efficiency to save time on monitoring and reporting.

We switched to Meltwater after 10 years with another provider. Instantly we were impressed with the opportunities the platform provided in reporting, analysing and interpreting coverage.

Dionne Taylor
Dionne Taylor Director, Polkadot Communications


Robust reporting, real-time analytics and media outreach all in the one platform

Meltwater ensures the team at Polkadot Communications can access local and global media coverage in real-time via the Meltwater mobile app and the online platform. Results are shared via dashboard reports, saving the team time and improving their efficiency with monitoring and reporting on coverage. The Polkadot Communications team can also research certain topics via the platform including any topics taking place on social media. The team also shares content on social media channels to engage with their fans.

We have found the Meltwater platform to be useful for our existing clients and potential clients when researching their media presence.



Keep up with industry trends and news, and gain additional insights from local and global media coverage


Demonstrate the results and impact of PR activity with clients via dashboards reports


Better local customer support and consultancy

Meltwater Media Intelligence

Meltwater is dedicated to bringing you topical insights on social engagement and managing your brand reputation around the globe. It's part of our commitment to 'Outside Insight'.

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