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Olympus is a world-leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality optical, electronic and precision engineering products, for scientific, medical, industrial and consumer applications. Olympus’ mission is to have a profound and positive impact on society by making people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling through their products and business activities.

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Stay on Top of Local and Global Media Coverage and Trends

Prior to using the Meltwater media intelligence platform, it was a challenge for the Olympus Australia and New Zealand communications team to monitor local and global media coverage as well as industry news and trends. Since Olympus started utilising the Meltwater platform three years ago, the team has the ability to gain additional insights from global coverage, the ability to monitor media in real time, and provide the C-Suite with high level reports to help inform business strategy.

Meltwater has improved my team’s efficiency and it saves time. We can better understand our customers and audiences, and we are constantly updated with industry trends and news.

Michael Tsoukalis
Michael Tsoukalis Digital Manager, OLYMPUS


Robust Reporting and Insights on the go

The Meltwater platform has brought a market intelligence function to Olympus Australia and New Zealand and has allowed the team to partner closely with internal stakeholders both directly by sharing relevant news items with them as well as via the creation of a weekly Intranet News Digest. The increased functionality of the mobile app has really rounded off a robust and ready-to-use real-time media monitoring service that enables the team to always stay on top of sentiment and news.

Meltwater’s platform is easy to use and access, and I love using Meltwater’s community hub ‘Meltwater Collective’. I’ve had a very positive experience whenever I’ve used it!

Michelle Mani
Michelle Mani Social Media & Communications Specialist, OLYMPUS



Gain insights from local and global coverage and respond to media in real-time


Provide executives and senior engagement with high level reports to help inform business strategy


Stay up to date with industry trends and news

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