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HASSELL are a leading international design practice with studios in Australia, China, South East Asia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. HASSELL operates across different sectors and disciplines including architecture, interior design and landscape architecture. They have more than 80 years’ experience in understanding clients and the sectors they work in to produce the best results.

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Streamlined workflow, Better insights, Greater results

Prior to working with Meltwater, HASSELL needed a solution to track and collect media coverage to ensure they were fully across all hits, reach and share of voice. “Prior to Meltwater, we used a time-consuming method for monitoring and capturing media and social media. Since we have come on board, I have consistently been shown ways in which we can promote our team internally as well as delivering high results, faster,” says Adam Ross, Public Relations and Communications Leader at HASSELL.

I consider Meltwater an extension of our team and as a result feel as if they in turn deliver the best possible outcomes for us.

Adam Ross
Adam Ross Public Relations & Communications Leader, HASSELL


Fast global coverage; Strong client relationship

Meltwater ensures that the communications team at HASSELL are always up to date and alerted to any media and social media coverage they are mentioned in globally. “Because our studios are all around the world, we are operating on a 24-hour news cycle, so it’s very important to stay up to date on all the coverage we are mentioned in,” says Alyce McNeil, Communications Coordinator at HASSELL.

Meltwater works closely with their customers and HASSELL use Meltwater as an extension of the team. We´ve always had a very transparent relationship and I feel like Meltwater really knows what we want to achieve as a communications team but also as a practice.

Streamlined workflow, Better insights, Greater results

"As a marketing and communications team, we need to report to a number of internal stakeholders. With Meltwater, we can generate reports and keep everyone across the business informed on what’s happening on communications and PR activities. Our Meltwater account management team, and their dedicated technical team are exceptional and are always able to help fix any issue we have, answer any question, and also streamline different methods of working," says Adam Ross, Public Relations and Communications Leader at HASSELL.


Demonstrate the impact of PR activity across the global organisation


Disseminate media and social media coverage to key internal stakeholders daily


Consolidate social media engagement content saving time and providing

Meltwater Media Intelligence

Meltwater is dedicated to bringing you topical insights on social engagement and managing your brand reputation around the globe. It's part of our commitment to 'Outside Insight'.

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