All in one platform for journalist and social media engagement, media monitoring and reporting

Can Assist is committed to ensuring that all country people, regardless of where they live in New South Wales, have access to cancer treatment and care. By providing support for accommodation and financial assistance to people from rural and regional areas, we ensure that country people are given the same opportunities and choices about the kind of treatment they receive as people in city centres.


Understanding true reach and impact of PR activity; Targeting the right journalists

Prior to working with Meltwater, the team at Can Assist weren't able to target the right journalists and didn't have an easy way to report on media coverage especially for content that was missed. They needed a solution to monitor and report on media coverage in real-time, to better understand their customers and audiences, to identify and pitch to relevant journalists and improve the team's efficiency to save time on monitoring and reporting.

Prior to Meltwater, we found oversight of our media reach difficult to ascertain. Meltwater changed this and redefined how we were using the information, throwing us head first into the age of social media and ensuring all new processes and products were streamlined, fast and efficient.


All in one platform for media engagement, monitoring and reporting

Meltwater ensures that the team at Can Assist are always up to date on the latest media coverage and social media conversations via the online platform and mobile app. The platform enables the team to better understand audiences and results are shared via dashboard reports, saving the team time and improving their efficiency with monitoring and reporting on coverage. The Can Assist team can also build targeted media lists and distribute media releases all in the one platform.

Now that we have full visibility of our reach, we switched our focus to PR and brand awareness. With the tools Meltwater has provided us, we can now measure, predict and plan for the future like never before.



Better understand and engage with customers, audiences and social influencers


Demonstrate the results and impact of PR activity via dashboards and reporting


Real-time media monitoring improving efficiency and saves time

Meltwater Media Intelligence

Meltwater is dedicated to bringing you topical insights on social engagement and managing your brand reputation around the globe. It's part of our commitment to 'Outside Insight'.

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