The World Cup has finally arrived! We’ve been waiting for 4 years for this moment, and marketers and advertisers are jumping on the opportunity to launch some great World Cup Marketing campaigns and get people talking! We’ve put a list together of our favorite World Cup marketing campaigns, so far…

World Cup Marketing: Paddy Power

Paddy Power – an online betting site – never fails to deliver, and this world cup campaign is one of their best ever. Their first campaign of the World Cup was of a picture of the Brazilian rain forest that had been deforested to write “C’mon England- PP.” Everyone thought it was real, and social media blew up with criticism of Paddy Power for doing such a disgraceful thing. After all the attention was on Paddy Power, they told the public it was a PR stunt – and a great one at that.

We all know about the loss on Saturday the 14th of June: England lost to Italy. Paddy Power managed to come out with another fantastic campaign that included a man locked in a cage because he had been a traitor and bet on Italy to win.  This is a great example of a brand riding the coattails of huge local news.

World Cup Marketing: Adidas

Adidas, not surprisingly, is one of the main sponsors of the World Cup.  They started their marketing before the actual World Cup, during the final of the Champions League: Real Madrid Vs Atletico Madrid. They have also taken over 32 buses, one each for the 32 countries playing in the World Cup. The iconic route master buses have been painted over in black with various different quotes and players on them, such as “all in or nothing,” and “hunt or be hunted.”  What’s not to love about these wonderful vehicles driving around town promoting Adidas and the World Cup?

World Cup Marketing: Currys & PC World

This advert talks for itself: what better way of convincing your better half than telling them this 40 inch TV would be great for watching her favourite TV show… just in time for the World Cup…

World Cup Marketing: Betfair

You may or may not have heard about the giant octopus that broke down on London’s busiest high street, Oxford Circus. If it wasn’t intended to be a PR stunt from UK Bookmakers, Betfair, it managed it inadvertently:  a giant octopus resembling the Paul the prediction octopus from the previous World Cup isn’t going to go unnoticed, even in London. Betfair shortly after tweeted their apologies about the octopus in the middle of the road, and by this point everyone was fixated by what had happened. The question is: was the truck REALLY meant to break down on London’s busiest street?

World Cup Marketing: Coca-Cola

As one of the biggest brands in the world (with one of the biggest marketing budgets), Coca-Cola is bound to earn mention among the best World Cup marketing campaigns – particularly seeing as how they’re one of FIFA’s partners in the event.  Prior to the World Cup starting, Coca Cola completed a global tour with the actual World Cup itself (no news on whether anyone drank Coke out of it), and gave the public the ability to track the next sighting on the FIFA website.  Not only that, Coca-Cola sponsored one of Brazil’s best-known street artists to design the new drink cans for the duration of the World Cup.

World Cup Marketing: McDonald’s

McDonald’s is also a major sponsor of the World Cup, and launched a video advertising campaign showing incredible amateur footballer tricks:

McDonald’s also launched their own Fantasy World Cup league on the FIFA website. This allows for users to customise their perfect teams with the players within the World Cup. You are able to strategise, buy and sell players and hopefully, score points. We say #mcwin.

World Cup Marketing: Nike

Sporting heroes Nike have created a fantastic piece of animation advertising. Named “The Last Game,” its theme is centered on our favourite footballers (such as Ronaldo and Rooney). All the players have been cloned and reveal a dystopian society of man vs “clone” and the ad is the story line behind how the best players have been kicked out of the football league. All the players are now working different jobs, from hairdresser to a fisherman, and when they come together to try and save football as they’re not afraid to take risks. At the end, the REAL players challenge the clones to a match..  “There’s no greater danger than playing it safe.”

You can watch what happens next…

Best World Cup Campaigns: Budweiser

Budweiser created their own application for IOS devices that allows you to take a picture and paint your face with your chosen flag.

Meltwater’s insights?

We’re big fans of Social Listening, and we believe that by analyzing social conversations we can share insights into nearly any subject. Using Social Media Marketing software Meltwater Buzz, the most talked about teams in association with the word “win” are Germany and Brazil. For them to go head-to-head in the 2014 final would mean for Germany to come second out of their group. The countries with the most mentions on social media about the World Cup are the US followed by UK and Indonesia. You can read more about our data and insights in a recent article published on The Drum.