Ever wondered who are the most influential women on social media in the UK? Luckily we are global leaders in online and social media analysis, so we have been able to identify ten influential women on twitter, from journalists to CEOs within the UK.

To make things fair, we have based their rankings on their Klout score. Klout is a number from 1-100 based on their online presence and popularity. The higher the number, the more influential they are. For example, JK Rowling has a Klout score of 89 and Victoria Beckham has a score of 86.

Women Influencers in the UK #1 – Mary Portas

Klout Score: 80 https://twitter.com/maryportas

British retail consultant and broadcaster, Portas is known for her television shows, including Mary Queen of the Shops, where using her retail and fashion expertise to turn underperforming shops into thriving businesses. An active tweeter, Portas shares thoughts on business, fashion and her personal life. Follow her for some great insights on the retail-business industry.


Women Influencers in the UK #2 – Aleks Krotoski

Klout Score: 80 https://twitter.com/aleksk

UK based Polish-American broadcaster and writer. Focusing her time on technology and interactive media, Krotoski presents The Guardian podcast: Tech Weekly. Krotoski takes to twitter to talk about her current articles as well as her personal endeavours. Follow Krotoski to learn more about technology and media.


Women Influencers in the UK #3 – Sarah Brown

Klout Score: 79 https://twitter.com/SarahBrownUK

Sarah Brown, the wife of our former UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. She is known for her work in the charity sector as well as founder of a public relations company, Hobsbawm Macaulay. Brown shares some great insights on twitter about current affairs and charitable campaigning around London and the UK. Definitely one to follow if you are interested in the UK public opinions.

Women Influencers in the UK #3 – Angela Ahrendts

Klout Score: 79  https://twitter.com/AngelaAhrendts

Former CEO of Burberry, a world renowned British fashion brand. She is now Senior Vice President at Apple. Ahrendts takes to twitter to share her updates about the tech industry as well sharing her travel insights around the world. Ahrendts is a prominent businesswoman who brings a unique perspective to fashion and technology.


Women Influencers in the UK #5 – Martha Lane Fox

Klout Score: 79 https://twitter.com/Marthalanefox

Martha is the co-founder of famous travel website, lastminute.com. She is also on the board of many other organisations such as Marks & Spencer’s. Lane Fox takes to twitter to talk about the digital world, providing great commentary on the economic climate.

Women Influencers in the UK #6 – Sasha Wilkins

Klout Score: 75 https://twitter.com/LibertyLndnGirl

Writer of well-known blog, Liberty London Girl, Sasha has also written for The Wall Street Journal and CandeNast Traveller.  Follow Travel Guru, Wilkins for some light-hearted, humorous tweets.


Women Influencers in the UK #7 – India Knight

Klout Score: 74  https://twitter.com/indiaknight

Knight is a British author and journalist, known for her column in The Sunday Times and her own books. She writes a touching column in the Sunday Times about her daughter who was born with a heart defect and their life story.

Women Influencers in the UK #8 – Hadley Freeman

Klout Score: 73 https://twitter.com/HadleyFreeman

Freeman is an American born journalist but now based out of the UK and columnist for the Guardian. Freeman writes articles on hot topics from the World Cup to celebrity buzz.

Women Influencers in the UK #9 – Emily Bell

Klout Score: 71 https://twitter.com/emilybell

Bell is a British academic and journalist. Previously director of digital content at The Guardian, she is now the director of Digital Journalism at Colombia University. With some amusing tweets, Bell makes us laugh!



Women Influencers in the UK #10 – Gaby Hinsliff

Klout Score: 65 https://twitter.com/gabyhinsliff

Hinsliff is a UK columnist for the Times and Grazia, author of Half a Wife: The Working Family’s Guide to Getting a Life Back. Hinsliff shares some fantastic insights about UK affairs, sports and health.



Now there you have it, our favourite 10 women influencers in the UK, from humorous to insightful. Of course, the list could go on for miles but we thought we’d leave it on a nice note and not bore you to death for hours. If there are any other women in the industry that you think we have missed or any insights you would like to add, please let us know, there’s always a chance for Part 2!