UK university social media strategy is at the core of our work while working with clients in the education sector, so we thought it would be interesting to learn whether UK University social media output impacted their ability to pull potential students and share some ideas on how a university can increase their social media presence. We surveyed a number of potential students, their thoughts on a range of UK University Social Media channels. The results were very interesting.

  1. 57% of the students asked would make their choice based on how excited they were about the UK University Social Media channel output.
  2. 100% of the students asked use Facebook daily
  3. 85% of the students asked use Twitter daily
  4. 70% of the students asked use YouTube daily
  5. 90% thought that Universities could do more to engage on social media

Ready to learn more? Keep reading.

UK University Social Media – Tip 1 | VIDEO CONTENT

Use Video as the default tool for content for a maximum 3 minutes per video.

All students found that engaging video content about existing students, who were enjoying their university course and life, had a draw to that university. Prospects love to see what to expect and videoing the opinions of current students is a great way of doing so.

UK University Social Media – Tip 2 | DIFFERENT TABS

Content about course updates or assignment dates was considered less interesting. Key tip? Have separate tabs on your Facebook page. One for existing students with course and assignment dates, and one for potential students dealing with key issues of interest and potential opening days. You don’t want to overwhelm your pages; it will only push prospect students away and make current students uninterested if the content is not specific to the target audience.

UK University Social Media – Tip 3 | Q&A WITH CURRENT STUDENTS

On Twitter setting up a 1 hour live sessions with current students or tutors was seen as “very useful,” set aside an hour a week for prospect students and current students to get the chance to ask what’s on their mind.  On Facebook, having a video or blog post link with top Q&A per course or with various students was also seen as “very useful”

UK University Social Media – Tip 4 | NEW STUDENT TWITTER ACCOUNT

Open a separate Twitter account for potential students, such as “Coming to X University” or “Uni Newcomers”. This will show the potential students that the school going out of their way to comfort their needs and concerns, it is a place where they can openly ask questions and get their queries answered.


UK University Social Media – Tip 5 | ADVICE SECTION

Going to university and leaving home for the first time is a daunting experience, allow for this space to be the place where they come to ask questions and queries about life at the university. If there is a go-to section purely for potential students, they will be more interested in the content.

UK University Social Media – Tip 6 | FINANCIAL HELP

The key theme discussed among potential students was who to go about getting financial help. Those universities who had clear processes on their Social Media channels were clicked on by 98% of students assessing their page. Finance is extremely important to prospect students hence why having easy access to information is significant.

UK University Social Media – Tip 7 | USE DIFFERENT CHANNELS

You might have a Facebook page and a Twitter page – but 100% of the students we asked also used at least one of the following:

–         Tumblr

–         Pinterest

–         Instagram

–         Google+

Why not get involved and engaged with your audience on other platforms, by using picture-sharing networks allows for you to show off the campus, students and life.

UK University Social Media – Tip 8 |CREATE COMMUNITIES

One suggestion was to provide the opportunity to “join the community with your future hall-mates” so that students could meet their future neighbours before applying or attending. This is a great way to introduce new students to their new life before arriving at the school.

UK University Social Media – Tip 9 |WHAT TO EXPECT

A “what to expect when you are going” page on Facebook created double the amount of clicks from the normal Facebook page.


Now you have some of the top tips to a successful social media strategy for UK universities. Make sure you know the needs and wants of your target audience and then you can mould your platforms to what they want.