It is part of our job to know who and what to look out for in the marketing industry, which includes knowing which blogs and publications to follow. With the online world becoming more in the foreground of our everyday lives, people are taking to blogging to express their ideas, feelings and tips and tricks. PR and Marketing teams are now starting to contact bloggers more regularly than contacting journalists.

Here are our favourite UK Marketing blogs

(in no particular order, they are all amazing in their own ways)


UK Marketing Blog #1 The Wall Blog

This blog is owned by publication house Haymarket (who own Brand Republic) The Wall shares
some awesome insights into the world of marketing and PR. With posts about marketing campaigns to marketing tutorials. Check out one of our infographics that got published about the UK general elections here. 

UK Marketing Blog #2 Jims Marketing Blog

Jim is a marketing guru; he has been in the industry since the 80’s, and is extremely knowledgeable. Jim helps small businesses create a better sales and marketing strategy by sharing his previous experience and tips. He blogs about marketing tips and tricks to advice on how to pick up your next clients.

UK Marketing Blog #3 Stuart Davidson

Stuart is a professional marketer; he takes to his own blog to share his thoughts on how to improve any digital marketing campaigns. Davidson posts content nearly every day with news on the online community. Davidson is the perfect person to follow if you are interested in kick starting your marketing campaigns or career in the industry.

UK Marketing Blog #4 – The Marketing Donut-

The Marketing Donut blog is a perfect place to start if you’re looking for some how-to guides on marketing your business. The aim of the site is to save you time by informing you about the online realm, what to look out for and how you can improve your marketing strategy. They also have a number of featured articles and Q&A’s with senior business people.

UK Marketing Blog #4- The Marketing Blog-

Will Corry is the founder of The Marketing Blog. He solely manages this blog; writing content ranging from technology and innovation to marketing and social media trends. Corry is very active on his blog, posting new things nearly every day, you will always learn about new and exciting ventures in the online world.

UK Marketing Blog #5- State of Digital

This blog has some killer content. It’s perfect for anyone in or interested in the digital world, with articles ranging from branding to social media marketing. We are always inspired by the content and the advice given.

UK Marketing Blog #6- Nick Burcher-

Nick Burcher is the Head of Social Media at Mediacom. He takes to his personal blog to talk about all things amazing in the media and advertising world, and share his thoughts on the most interesting marketing and PR campaigns. You won’t miss out on the good ones if you follow Burcher!

UK Marketing Blog #7- Meltwater-

And of course, as you’re reading it right now, you know that we have a great blog on Social Media and Public Relations. From how to pick the right PR agency to how to deal with a communications crisis to which blogs to follow online, our blogs are extremely thorough and cover a range of topics. So be sure to subscribe!

These are just a select few of our favourite UK Marketing blogs to follow, we are always looking for superb content to read and inspire us, if you know of any other marketing blogs we should stay tuned into, let us know in the comment box!