Always the ones to stay on top of what PR professionals and marketers need to be more successful, Twitter has launched a new online training program for agencies called Flight School. The new training hub is designed to familiarize shops with Twitter and help them keep abreast of new features (like the Flock to Unlock tool we wrote about recently).  It will teach agencies how to develop high-impact campaigns for their clients and will also help them maximize their content for their brands on Twitter.  Flight School will also train on how to promote messages at the right time to your target audiences.

Unlike any tool I’ve ever heard of, these training modules will also help PR agencies address different agency roles and functions, including senior leadership, campaign management and account planning. This can be helpful, not only to those starting out, but also to senior staff who may want to refresh and hone in on their strengths for the better of their agency. (Twitter’s ad-selling rivals Facebook and Google, as well as the online outlet BuzzFeed, have launched similar tutorials for agencies.)

PR in Tandem with Social 

Twitter has always been on the forefront of PR’s convergence with social media, by virtue of being a real-time customer engagement channel.  So, it’s no surprise that news of Flight School is making waves in the PR agency world. As written about on PR Daily, “Twitter has a handful of participating agencies at launch,” and they are encouraging entire agencies, not just small singular or in-house social media teams, to sign up for the training. The trainings are free and can be accessed even via tablets and mobile phones. Easier to view…and also easier to share via social.

Twitter Sets Up Agencies to Succeed with Flight School

With these training modules, Twitter is getting really active in helping to ensure agencies get the most of Twitter. As JP Maheu, Senior Director, Brand & Agency for Twitter says: “We realized that our agency partners, which are critical to the success of Twitter, could use our help in understanding not only Twitter itself, but also in understanding how they can leverage Twitter on behalf of their brands.”

Kudos to Twitter for trying to make success easier for agencies: it’s a smart move.

You can follow the news on the new program on Twitter with: #takeflight or  #FlightSchool and read their blog post, here.

Agencies can request access to training at this link.  The Flight School video is here: