Twitter Marketing: Top 10 UK Social Media Business Influencers

If you’re running a Twitter marketing program, one of the key tactics to success is to come up with a Twitter influencer outreach program for your business.  The new nature of earned social media, brand advocates and influencers means that your online influencer strategy may include everyone from journalists to bloggers to stay-at-home parents with robust Twitter followings.  But until you’ve fine-tuned your influencer outreach program (and a good social media marketing tool will have community features that help you do just that), it’s never a bad idea to start at the top: not only can you emulate these fine folks, but you might get lucky and make a genuine connection with them.  With that in mind, here’s a list of the top social media business influencers in the UK.  If you’re wondering what a great social media presence looks like when you’re executing a great Twitter marketing strategy, these people are the ones that got it right.  We’ll rank them in order of followers:

Twitter Marketing Influencer Hotlist

Top UK Twitter Influencer #1 Umair Haque, @umairh– 226,000 followers

London based consultant, prolific contributor on Business Harvard Review. Tweeting daily on business matters and personal opinions. Great person to follow on Twitter for a variety of business content.

Top UK Twitter Influencer #2 Linda Yueh, @LindaYueh– 46,100 followers

BBC Chief Business correspondent, presenter of Talking Business. Yueh is an extremely well-known economist.

Top UK Twitter Influencer #3 Saul Klein, @cape-32,600 followers

Founder of Seedcamp, a London based accelerator. Seedcamp also hosts an event every year in London for start-ups, with master classes and talks on the business sector. Klein has had a large impact on brands such as Lovefilm, and MOO.

Top UK Twitter Influencer #4 Dave Naylor, @DaveNaylor– 25,600 Followers

Dave is the Managing Director at Bronco, a UK digital agency offering a variety of services. Naylor is marketing tycoon, and uses Twitter daily to chat about the digital marketing world.

Top UK Twitter Influencer #5 Will Critchlow, @Willcritchlow– 24,700 followers

Founder and CMO of Distilled, an online marketing consultancy that consults on some of the world’s biggest brands. His Twitter feed is filled with great marketing tips and tricks.

Top UK Twitter Influencer #6 Lucy Marcus, @lucymarcus– 24,000 followers

CEO of Marcus Ventures, columnist for Reuters and Harvard Business Review, and a Professor of Leadership and Governance at IE Business School. Lucy has her hands full with plenty of interesting projects, and on Twitter she tweets about them and other news and stories within the sector.

Top UK Twitter Influencer #7 Melody Hossaini, @Melody_Hossaini– 21,300 followers

Social Entrepeurner and founder of InspirEngage, a social enterprise that supports young people and women. Melody’s Twitter feed is full of social media tips and tricks, as well as ideas within the advertising and marketing industry.

Top UK Twitter Influencer #8 Nick D’aloisio, @nickdaloisio, 15,700 followers

Founder of Summly, which is a software that summarizes online content – and was recently acquired by Yahoo! D’alosisio is a regular tweeter, and provides a lot of insight and opinions about the tech industry.

Top UK Twitter Influencer #9 Jim Connolly, @JimConnolly– 8,406 followers.

Marketing blogger, of, Jim is prominent on Twitter with some great ideas about marketing.

Top UK Twitter Influencer #10 Matt Navarra, @MattnavarraUK– 7,934 followers. 

Social media/community director at The Next Web, an online publication focusing on innovation. Matt takes to Twitter to talk about innovative ideas, social media and technology.


And there you have it, our top 10 most influential Twitter profiles for your Twitter marketing purposes.

Who would you add to this list?  Feel free to submit a comment.