Our 15 Favorite PR Blogs

The other day a colleague asked me to share a few of my favorite PR blogs. My first thought was: well, that’s an insensitive request because the ONLY important PR blog is mine/this one (the Meltwater PR blog).*

Then I realized my reaction was silly.

Of course they know that this is the best PR blog of all time, otherwise why would they come to me for advice on finding the top PR thinking across the blogosphere?*

After getting over myself I realized a list was in order because, in truth, I read many PR blogs besides my own, nearly every day. After careful consideration I pulled together the following list of my favorite 15 PR Blogs, the blogs I read regularly.

Top 15 PR blogs:

(In no particular order)


While I may add a few blogs to this list over time, what I have included are the blogs that have endured. If you know of other blogs I should be reading please comment with links, I’d love to check them out!

* Hopefully, you caught the sarcasm in this article. If not, please reread the first two paragraphs knowing I am being VERY sarcastic. I sometimes forget my readers do not know me personally and, well, sarcasm can be hard to catch in written form…