Happy Friday! As you wind down your workweek, don’t miss out on these great PR blog posts:

Why Most Startups Don’t ‘Get’ Press

from our friends at First Round Review

Brooke Hammerling says that most startups don’t need full-time agencies or in-house support – read why, and get some great tips for doing your own early stage PR with limited resources.

5 ‘Breaking Bad’ Takeaways for PR Pros

from our friends at PR Daily

For all you Breaking Bad fans out there, this is a fun blog post with valuable PR lessons learned from the problems characters face in the show. Even if you don’t watch it, you may learn (or at least be reminded of) some important tips for staying out of trouble.

8 Tips for Managing a PR Crisis Like a Pro

from our friends at Crain’s Detroit Business

If you have a communications crisis, have you thought of every possible scenario that could get in your way of properly handling it? Read this article for 8 ways to plan ahead, so you’ll be prepared for your worst PR nightmare.

Whose Job is Social Media?

Who handles social media in your company? PR? Marketing? Customer Service? As a cross-functional medium, it can be unclear who should really be in charge of it. View the results of The Creative Group’s study to see what others are doing.

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