We believe that there’s always something more you can learn to stay up-to-date in your trade, and PR is one of the areas that is continually evolving. For this reason, we’re constantly reading (and also writing!) blog posts on various topics to see what changes are taking place, how PR professionals are reacting to them, and who’s doing it right. Well, we thought it was selfish to keep all this great content to ourselves, so we’re starting a curated series, to be published every Friday, where we share the best PR blog posts we can find.

Check out this week’s favorites below, and please feel free to submit your favorites in the comments section below, or by tweeting them to @Meltwater.

9 Tips To Master Before Your Next Media Interview

If you want to get great media coverage, you do actually need more than a great story – you need to know how to talk to the press and get them to care about your story. Check out this blog post for 9 tips that will help you make the most out of your next media interview.

How Formulating Your PR Game Plan is Like Football

If you’re a football fan, this is a fun blog post about the parallels between football and PR – both need to keep strategy at the core, mix in the right tactics and analyze successes and failures. Check it out!

What Does Content Marketing Mean for Public Relations (PR) Professionals?

In the digital age, journalists no longer hold the key to content distribution – anyone can create and publish compelling content that shares your brand’s story. As a result, the skills and tactics needed to be a successful PR professional have changed – read this blog post to see how.

Corporate Storytelling Lessons from Kevin Spacey

On speaking about House of Cards, Kevin Spacey says, “Give them [the audience] what they want, when the want it, in the form they want it in.” This is great advice for any kind of content distribution strategy, TV or otherwise. Read this blog post to see how this lesson can be applied to your business.

Don’t Bite the Brand That Feeds You

Bloggers often receive inquiries from businesses that would like to work with them, but are sometimes met with hostility for doing so. This blog post discusses the negative repercussions bloggers may face for attacking brands publicly.

Also be sure to check out Meltwater’s PR blog posts from this week:

Twerking Her Way into the Spotlight: in Defense of Miley Cyrus | Publicity Stunt 101

This blog posts focuses on the positive effects of Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance which caused so much “negative” publicity for the former Disney actress. We found that Miley’s media mentions multiplied over 5x following the VMAs – leading us to believe it was all a well-thought-out publicity stunt gone horribly right.

Scandal! How Metrics Lead Crisis Communication by Channel

Data is a powerful addition to any crisis communication strategy, and this article discusses the different types of data you can use to determine the severity of the crisis, who needs to be reached out to, and the appropriate response and channel.

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