Hello, PR world, and happy Friday! There were lots of great blog posts published this week, but we narrowed it down to our 4 favorites – check them out below!

5 Massive Ways Social Media Has Changed the Face of Traditional PR

from our friends at Memeburn

Social media has changed the way we communicate and, as a result, has created the need for Digital PR. This blog post explains the changes that have taken place so that you can begin to think in terms of a digital PR strategy that can be integrated with social media marketing.

Are Journalists Becoming Obsolete?

from our friends at High Talk

As brands take more and more control over the distribution of their content through owned media channels, journalist jobs are dwindling – and many of those journalists are filling the very roles that are putting them out of business! This blog post is an interesting read on the decline of the journalist profession.

Getting Press: Here’s 14 Public Relations Tips For Brands & Small Business

from our friends at Media Leaders

While this article is geared toward business owners that don’t have the luxury of working with a PR professional, it has some great tips that you may not have thought of, or that you maybe just needed to be reminded of. Definitely worth a gander!

PR ‘Success’ – And Why Most of It Just Doesn’t Matter

from our friends at PR Examples

This article explores the types of PR coverage that are coveted and celebrated and argues that they are rarely the things that actually make a difference in ROI. Read this blog post for some insights on whether you might be focusing on the wrong goals and outcomes.

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