Welcome to Outside Insight: billions of online conversations, freshly filtered.

Today is a great day here at Meltwater: we’ve launched a new product and a new website. Those of us in the marketing department have been really excited about the new look and feel – few projects are more fun for marketers than a rebrand.

But we’re even more excited about the new product. As marketers ourselves, we use our products on a daily basis – and that puts us in the unique position of being Meltwater customers as well as employees.

Traditional Media Monitoring is No Longer Enough

Over the past few years, we’ve experienced some major shifts in the marketing lanscape. Traditional and social media are converging under a single organization, and content marketing has arisen as a partner to both of them. Anyone can be an influencer, working in any channel, at any time. And all marketers – especially the ones in the storytelling and relationship disciplines – are feeling mounting pressure to show business results.

What that means for us practically is that we need more from our tools today than we used to, because our jobs are becoming more deliberate and measured out of necessity. We need intelligence that tells us who and what’s important, and what it means for marketing and overall business strategy.

With all that in mind, we rebuilt the Meltwater product from the ground up to provide:

• A single platform designed to support the modern communications workflow
• Tools to proactively drive influencer relationship strategy
• Insights to help users play a more strategic role in the business

The New Meltwater Brings Outside Insight

The new Meltwater is a next generation media intelligence solution that stays on top of billions of editorial, blog, and social media conversations. It delivers insights from data outside your firewall that help us manage brand perception for our companies.

The platform is designed to go beyond traditional media monitoring tools – which seem stuck in yesterday’s news – to provide real time information about the online conversation and analysis of market trends. It can also help marketers understand our impact on the business, and show us how our brands are stacking up against the competition.

Check out our Product page for more information on the solution, and head on over to our Insights page for the latest news and resources for modern marketing. And be sure to check out our free new competitive benchmarking tool: you can see how brands stack up against each other in a matter of seconds.

A huge thanks goes out to our 23,000 clients in 108 countries. They’ve given fantastic feedback to the Meltwater colleagues who staff our 50 offices in 20 countries, which has allowed us to take a truly global approach to addressing today’s marketing and business ecosystem.

Cheers, all. And welcome to the new Meltwater.