Top 10 Social Media Wins – UK Campaigns that Did it Right

We all love to see social media campaigns work really well to engage their target audiences. Here are our top 10 UK Social Media Wins…

Social Media Win # 1

Adidas #boostLondon

During the London tube strikes, Adidas UK took to social media to try and #boostLondon to walk or run to work rather than having to deal with the hustle and bustle of the tube strikes.

They launched their campaign the first day of a 3 day strike and the inhabitants of London loved it: everyone started posting their pictures and tagging #boostLondon to show that they ran to work instead of waiting over an hour for an empty bus. As it turns out, people realised they could get into work faster putting some trainers on and taking to the roads of London.

Social Media Win # 2

Uber London- #UberLovesLondon

Over the past few years Uber has been running in London, and in that time they have had some great marketing campaigns: from referring a friend and receiving £10 each to a Valentine’s day campaign where the driver brings you flowers and underwear to your door, Uber is on the money when it comes to using social media wisely.

One of our favourite Uber campaigns so far has to be the #UberlovesLondon, with this campaign; the idea of this campaign was that if you put in a promotional code and took an Uber car to a famous London Landmark, you received 50% off your ride. When you got to the destination, you could post a picture on your social media platforms and be automatically entered to win a week’s free Uber rides.

Social Media Win #3

Net-a-porter- #IamPorter

Net-a-porter, an online luxury brand shop, recently launched their own magazine, “Porter.”  As part of their launch campaign, the magazine they conducted a social media competition called #IamPorter.  In order to enter the competition, the customers had to download the Net-a-Porter app, which enabled them to  post a photo with magazine design. The consumers then entered their pictures onto social media platforms in order to win a shopping spree on the Net-a-porter online shop.

By creating a custom app and using it as a gate to participation, the Net-a-porter team was able to engage and connect with their audience, while at the same time promoting the launch of their new fashion magazine – a great overall social media win!

Social Media Win # 4

CBS Outdoor- #LookforLonger

If you’re a Londoner, you will most definitely remember this campaign. For a few years running, CBS Outdoor ran the #lookforlonger campaign. The aim of the campaign was to get people who are waiting for a tube or bus to look at a huge billboard with a picture: there are meanings within the pictures, and they refer to 75 different tube stations around London. The aim of the campaign was to highlight the strength of interactive marketing with the use of Virgin Media wifi on the tubes, by allowing people to input the answers into an online sweepstakes form for a prize.


Social Media Win # 5

Jimmy Choo & Four Square treasure hunt

Jimmy Choo, world renowned luxury footwear and accessories brand, launched a marketing campaign with Social media checkin app Foursquare. Together, they organised a real-time treasure hunt around central London for a pair of Jimmy Choo trainers. The trainers would check in wherever they were located, and whoever was taking part in the hunt would have to go find them.  There is such a thing as a free pair of shoes!


Social Media Win # 6

Heinz- Beanz For Grown Upz

Heinz created a Facebook survey for the launch of their new beans product to see which out of 5 beans you were. Customers were asked to take a personality test which would lead to them finding out which bean that had grown into, it was to show that even when you grow up you can still love the people who were the same beanz years ago. 5 fans from each of the 5 varieties every hour for two weeks had the chance to win their name engraved onto a baked bean, surely you wouldn’t want to eat them then…


Social Media Win # 7

Waitrose- #WaitroseReasons

Waitrose managed to win folks over on a social media campaign that took on a life of its own.  Although initially the campaign didn’t necessarily look like it was going to work out due to people participating with off-the-cuff answers, it ended up being a serious win on Twitter. Their campaign was called #WaitroseReasons, and funny responses started to pour in as people came up with answers such as “I shop at Waitrose because Tesco doesn’t stock unicorn food…#waitrosereasons”

“I shop at Waitrose because when the economy finally breaks down and dies, those little green tokens will serve as currency.”

At the end of the campaign Waitrose tweeted  “Thanks for all the genuine and funny #WaitroseReasons tweets. We always like to hear what you think and enjoyed reading most of them.”

Great to hear, Waitrose! We love you because you took a chance on an open-ended Twitter question! #WaitroseReasons

Social Media Win #8

Various brands- Social media chat.

Some might say that this wasn’t so much a conceived social media campaign as an impromptu publicity stunt, but in this case, bunch of different brands took to Twitter to have a great conversation with each other. A casual twitter user was talking about tesco Mobile with a friend when the Tesco mobile handle decided to butt into the conversation.. And that’s where it started…

This social media win is a great example of social media managers doing exactly what they’re supposed to do: act like a human, have fun with it, spur engagement, and start / maintain an interesting conversation.





Social Media Win #9

British Airways-#homeadvantage

During the 2012 Olympics in London, British Airways – being one of the biggest sponsors – decided to take it a little further and posted an ad where you could tap in your post code and a plane would fly to your front door. The aim of this campaign was to get people in the UK to stay and watch the games and get the Brits outside of the UK back for the Olympics ‘Don’t Fly. Support Team GB and Paralympics GB’

Check it out here:



Social Media Win #10

Dove, Real Beauty, 2004

In what may be the most successful social media campaign ever undertaken by a major brand, Dove uploaded a video onto Youtube with people describing themselves to a FBI trained sketch artist who drew them up. Alternatively, someone else described the same person to the artist – and, at the end, they compared the pictures and realised that the picture the candidate described of themselves was undermining their beauty.

The video was broadcasted in different languages to get the message across to everyone in the world and it is said to have been the most viewed advert ever.

“The way women see themselves is dramatically different from how others perceive them. Only 4% of women globally consider themselves beautiful and 54% agree that when it comes to how they look, they are their own worst beauty critic.”

This campaign provided a signal to brands that real people are especially compelling on social media as a channel, and the campaign itself was so successful that Dove hung their hat on it as a brand, and branched into a research project on the topic of beauty.