How can social listening help your customers weather the storm?

The US (and many other parts of the world for that matter) has experienced some extreme weather in the last few years: from flooding and tornados in the Midwest, to Hurricane Sandy and the recent polar vortex. In the midst of these natural disasters, people have increasingly used social media as a forum to vent, share news and find help. An insurance company that offers homeowners, renters and natural disaster insurance recognized the trend and followed suit.

Keep reading to learn how the insurance company used the Meltwater Buzz platform to position itself as a resource during the crisis.

Social Listening, Engagement and Metrics During a Hurricane

A large insurance company in the US faces tough competition at every turn. In 2012, they started to use social media more aggressively to position themselves as a resource for information on insurance coverage. When Hurricane Sandy hit the Atlantic coast in late October, their community manager used Meltwater Buzz to identify relevant posts, find trends and join the conversation.

He created a search campaign to find conversations that had the keyword “hurricane sandy” along with “insurance,” “coverage” or “flood.” As the hurricane made landfall and devastated the East Coast, the insurance company was busy on social media teaching customers and potential customers how homeowner and natural disaster insurance work. They sent them to relevant government websites that provided additional help and guidance. Engaging from Meltwater Buzz allowed the community manager to keep track of conversations as they came up and were responded to.

After the storm passed through and all was said and done, the marketing team analyzed the results from the hurricane-focused search. They localized the posts by geography and looked for trends in the data. They found that certain areas were more educated regarding natural disaster and flood insurance. This data helped inform their advertising strategy and was passed along to the product and executive teams.

Since Hurricane Sandy, the insurance company has followed the same strategy for each natural disaster that’s hit the US (including the recent cold snap caused by the polar vortex). This has positioned them as a thought leader among normal folks who need information during a tragedy, bringing in more business and increasing brand loyalty with existing customers.

When your customers turn to social media, it’s a good idea for you to follow…and social listening can help direct you. The effort you put into more targeted community management can help with lead generation, customer satisfaction and retention, and even strategic decisions. So start listening now, finding those conversations and showing customers that you’re interested in teaching them as much as renewing them.