The more you know about members of your online community, the better you can address their customer service concerns, spark interesting conversation with them and, ultimately, move them along the sales funnel. Meltwater Buzz provides in-depth social profiles for each member of your community to help you gain just this kind of insight. Each user’s social profile automatically pulls in data and posts from their Twitter, Facebook and blog properties. Social profiles also connect to the Community tab within Buzz, allowing you to segment and tag community members based on your needs. Keep reading for a quick overview of the Meltwater Buzz social profile and start getting to know your online community.

Twitter & Facebook Information


To see a social profile in Buzz, just click on a community member’s name or handle on the Listen or Engage tab. The Twitter and Facebook tabs (above), give you an overview of the community member on those channels. The Twitter tab includes profile information, follower numbers, recent posts, basic stats and more. The Facebook tab shows recent public posts along with basic information and a link to the profile.

Sentiment & Direct Engagement


The Conversations tab pulls together all of the conversations your brand has had with this user, including any times they’ve tweeted to your company’s handle or written on your Facebook Page. Retweet, reply or post any conversation on your Facebook wall by clicking on the “…” to the right of it. The Sentiment tab automatically measures the sentiment of this person’s posts regarding your brand. You can browse through the individual positive, neutral and negative posts and click on the magnifying glass to respond.

The social profiles in Meltwater Buzz pull together everything you need to get a snapshot of how a member of your community sees your brand. They can help you court an online influencer, check a customer’s history with your company online or reviewing an employee’s company-focused tweets. Look through the social profiles of community members often, and you may be surprised by the insights you uncover.

To learn how a social profile can help identify online influencers, read my previous post 3 Ways to Find Online Influencers.

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