The psychology of sharing is something on which the The New York Times recently did a study.  Out of those results, we created a social media quiz that will tell you what kind of sharer you are.  According to the Times, there are in 6 general types of sharers: Selectives, Boomerangs, Connectors, Altruists, Hipsters and Careerists.  This infographic sums it up:



To help define your company’s digital marketing strategy, you should identify which type of sharers you are looking to target and create content that responds to their uses and needs. For example, if you were looking to elicit a response from Hipster sharers, it’s important that your content is fresh, original and entertaining. This study also highlights the need to have a variety of sharing widgets on pages on your websites so as to maximise potential shares from as broad a variety of sharers. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest share buttons should all feature and don’t forget about email too!

To follow on from this infographic, we at StatPro have created an interactive quiz that asks “What kind of sharer are you?” To find out, click the button below and answer some questions about the kind of content that you are likely to share and you’ll know what kind of sharer you are.


About the Author:

Jenny Gonzales writes for StatPro, a UK company that specialises in cloud based portfolio analytics software.