Twelve of our valued clients joined us in Hong Kong for a Social Media Marketing Workshop on the 13th of June.  The workshop focused on the unique social media marketing challenges companies face in China and Hong Kong—from strategy and planning to execution and measurement.

Our guest speaker for the event was Alan Cheung, the Web and Social Media Specialist for Médecins Sans Frontières. Alan talked about the unique flavor of Sina Weibo versus Twitter and best practices for social media marketing in Asia.

Alan Cheung presenting on social media marketing in China and Hong Kong.

Key takeaways from Alan’s presentation include the following:

  • Understand the differences between various social channels and their potential impact on your business
  • Research and test it out new social media channels before using them for your business
  • Stay up to date with technological developments that could affect social media engagement
  • Tailor your messaging for various social networks
  • Have realistic expectations of what social media can do to help you reach your business goals

Selecting the Best Channel for Effective Social Media Marketing

Ewan Ross, the Managing Director of Meltwater’s Hong Kong office, presented best practices for finding the social media channel that will have the biggest impact on your business. Ewan discussed how online social media marketing tools can help identify where your target audience is and what they’re talking about, so that you can add to the conversation effectively. He also went through the latest updates to Facebook and how they impact social media marketing in Asia.

Meltwater clients discuss their unique social media marketing challenges.

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