The fine folks at MainStreetHost have put together a great social media infographic with 10 useful data points for us social media and content marketers.  If you want to see it in its entirety, click here: social media infographic

As follows are sections of the infographic for easier reading, and some “ah-has” that came out of it.



As someone who has spent the bulk on my career in community and relationship marketing disciplines, this particular data point was interesting: as a brand, your best influencers don’t necessarily have the biggest social media followings.  Quality is better than quantity, and honest engagement is better than vanity metrics.  When you start looking at the new nature of online influence and how to build a social community marketing program, this is important to understand – and, probably, you’re going to need some sort of social media marketing tool that helps you identify who your influencers are allows for direct engagement.  (Click the following link for more on finding your online influencers.)



The big takeaway on 2-4, for me, is the one on immediacy of response: customers on Twitter do use it to engage directly with a brand, and they expect a quick response.  In our comprehensive e-book on social listening, we go over social listening for customer support – and one big tip is to be sure to set expectations for your customers.  If you’re setting an expectation that your Twitter feed is a two-way street with your customers, put something in your profile that tells people how long they can expect to wait before you get back to them – preferably, per this infographic, within the hour!  (For a more thorough explanation of social listening for business, check out our social listening webinar.)




Happy Friday!  Facebook’s biggest engagement day comes at the end of the week.  This isn’t a huge surprise, really, given that Monday mornings are full of meetings and catching up on email, and Tuesday through Thursday are inevitably full of work.  Friday is a work day, of course, but it’s the end of the week and it would seem that we’re all a little more prone to checking our Facebook feeds.  So if you have a killer piece of content and you really want it shared, why not try a Friday release and see what happens?




These last few facts were things I hadn’t seen before, and here’s what stood out for me: Pinterest, of all the networks, actually has topical trends by day.  Huh.  Another thing worth noting is that Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are also all female-dominated (LinkedIn is the only social network with more active men than women using it), so this makes sense given all the studies that tell us that women engage more overall on social networks than men do.