Question: What distinguishes social media marketing from traditional advertising?

Answer: Engagement!

Traditional advertising is a one-way, monologue marketing channel. Social media marketing is unique in that it requires marketers to have conversations with their target communities – to engage in dialogue marketing. The Meltwater Buzz social media marketing suite facilitates dialogue marketing, letting you connect up to twenty Facebook or Twitter accounts that you can engage from and manage from the platform. But before you can engage, you have to set your account up! Whether you’re just getting started with Buzz, or need to add more social accounts, keep reading for instructions on how to connect your company’s Facebook and Twitter to the Meltwater Buzz suite.

How to Connect Social Media Accounts to Meltwater Buzz



  • Log in to your Meltwater Buzz account, then click on the “Manage” tab in the top right and select “Social Accounts”
  • Depending on if you’re connecting accounts for the first time or adding more, you’ll see one of the following screens:



  • For new Buzz accounts, click on either “Sign in with Twitter” or “Sign in with Facebook” and enter your login details.
    • Twitter accounts – no further action is needed after authorizing Meltwater Buzz to access your account
    • Facebook accounts – after logging in, select the Page that you’d like to connect, then authorize Meltwater Buzz on the next few pop-ups
    • For those who are connecting additional social accounts, click on “Add another” under your primary Twitter or Facebook account information
      • Twitter accounts – after clicking “Add another”, log in using the username and password of the new Twitter account you’d like to connect


  • Facebook accounts – after clicking “Add another”, select the Page you’d like to connect from the drop-down menu, then authorize Meltwater Buzz on the next few pop-ups


Don’t Forget…

  • The Meltwater Buzz platform is capable of connecting up to 20 Facebook and/or Twitter accounts, but your individual account may have a different limit. Reach out to your Client Success Representative if you’re unsure.
  • You have to be a Manager of any Facebook Page you’d like to connect