We’ve talked a lot about how social listening can be used to inform business efforts across your organization, so it was great to run across this infographic from Diagramified and see those tips… well, diagramified.  Here it is:

This social listening infograhic shows how social media monitoring can be used across the business organization.

Social listening has been a hot topic across the globe as of late; in South Africa, for example, they’re using social listening to check out the noise on the Loeries, which are awards given out for creative excellence in advertising and marketing.

Our own London-dwelling Heidi Myers gave an interview via Google Hangout with South Africa’s News24 to explain in more detail how we can use social listening to inform our own business efforts.  Check her out here:

One great out-of-the-box example that Heidi notes: “Heads of sales for example could be tracking business leads.  We had an example of a pest control company that was looking every time on social media for people who were complaining about pests.  They would use that as a business opportunity to then contact them directly.”

For more on how to use social media monitoring across your organization, you can check out our social listening guide or the replay of our social listening webinar.