In my last post, Is this PR or Social Media?, I wrote about how PR and social media are becoming closer and closer in the business world. As I further explore the convergence of the two disciplines the parallels are hard to ignore. A perfect example: monitoring. In PR we call it media monitoring, in social media it’s social listening; they are quite similar.

Every PR pro monitors the media for their brand or client. In PR, media monitoring is used to track press coverage, understand brand perception, aid strategy, help with ad hoc research and to keep an eye on your industry and competition. Social Media pros do the same thing; the tools and channels are just different.

Yesterday we launched a new e-book, Listen Up – The Definitive Guide to Social Listening for Smarter Business that explores the depths of social media monitoring, or social listening.

As the author, Leslie Nuccio, points out:

“These days, the valuable customer and industry insights that used to be expensive, time-consuming and immediately historical is now real-time and easy. Social media monitoring isn’t just for marketing: you can listen for industry trends, competitive analysis, product insight, and a host of other use cases. Any time you want to know what other people are saying about something that has to do with your business, social listening is a quick and easy way to find out.”

Sounds, familiar, right?

I’m not positive, but I think everyone who reads this blogs has a few things in common. We have:

  1. An interest in PR
  2. An interest in social media and how it works/fits with PR
  3. A love of free things

If those three things are true for you, you’ll love our new e-book. OK, number 3 is a no brainer; I don’t know ANYONE who doesn’t love free things.