Supply room selfie = Facebook gold.  Wait… does neon green wash me out?

When a perfectly well-meaning marketer is just trying to find a good image for a customer newsletter and runs across this, it causes us to take pause and ask a simple question:


And in the spirit of answering the unanswerable, our Questionable Stock Photos series was born.

Trying to think of marketing use cases for this particular photo was a pretty big challenge, but we took it on wholeheartedly.


1) The Face of the Government Shutdown: Mental Health Benefits Stuck in Red Tape (& Green Stickies) #EndItNow (tweet from @BarackObama)

2) Self-service Vision Test: New at the Dollar Tree!

3) Post-It Notes: a Paraben-Free Sunblock Alternative

4) iCalendar: Save a Tree, Save Face

5) Pamper Yourself with bareMinerals 5-minute Papier MaFâchel

Feel free to submit your own marketing scenarios via the blog comments.

If you’ve run across a questionable stock photo and would like us to think of marketing use cases, or would like to share your own, please tweet a link to the pic @meltwater with the hashtag #stockpic and we’ll be sure to give it a gander.  If its questionability isn’t in question, we’ll enthusiastically feature it here on the blog.

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