Our Questionable Stock Photos series almost writes itself sometimes… this week’s winner surfaced when we tried to decide what sort of casting call happened to achieve this stunning result.

“CASTING CALL: Bald, bearded smoker to wear mesh tank top. Must have more hair on body than on head. Must enjoy cabbage.”

Mom told me to eat my vegetables.
(And since I still live with her, I pick my battles.)


Hmm… well, we don’t know what the casting call actually said, but we did come up with…


1) Skinheads: they’re like US!  They smoke, and eat cabbage, and wear fishnet tank tops when designers convince them that they’re in style!    (US Magazine special edition)

2) Eating Your Vegetables is Not Enough: STOP SMOKING   (ad for the American Cancer Society)

3) Have You Ever Wondered Who Made Your Store-Bought Cole-Slaw?    (ad for cookbook: 101 Things to Do with Cabbage)

4) Gingers: the Untold Story of a Hidden Minority   (“48 Hours” episode)

5) NEW Breakthrough Baldness Cure: the Cabbage Diet!  Lose Weight and Re-Grow your Hair!*

*side effects may include insane urge to smoke cigarettes, loss of appetite for meat, questionable fashion choices and insomnia.  Hair may grow primarily on arms, shoulders and trunk.  Butchering cabbage while smoking is not recommended.

If you’ve run across a questionable stock photo and would like us to think of marketing use cases, or would like to share your own, please tweet a link to the pic @meltwater with the hashtag #stockpic and we’ll be sure to give it a gander.  If its questionability isn’t in question, we’ll enthusiastically feature it here on the blog.

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