Our Questionable Stock Photos series is a way for us Marketers to sharpen our chops by finding useful business scenarios for some of the strangest photography we run across in an average work day.  I didn’t think I’d be able to find a more questionable stock photo than Waterproof Cat Man, but I may have been wrong.  Trying to think of any conceivable use for this particular stock photo led me to the opinion that someone might have been inhaling too much helium in its conception, but nonetheless…


1.  Introducing Calvin Klein’s newest fragrance: Black Zephyr

2.  Explore the sexy side of balloons!

3.  German Experimental Theater Mime Troupe presents: Rapunzel, the Musical

4.  People in balloon towers shouldn’t throw darts.  (Anti-bullying campaign)

If you’ve run across a questionable stock photo and would like us to think of marketing use cases, or would like to share your own, please tweet a link to the pic @meltwater with the hashtag #stockpic and we’ll be sure to give it a gander.  If its questionability isn’t in question, we’ll enthusiastically feature it here on the blog.

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