I’m too sexy for my banana.

Stock photography sites are so full of ill-conceived search results that we’ve started a Questionable Stock Photos series to highlight some of the best ones.  I ran across this gem in Thinkstock yesterday, not remotely thinking that I’d so easily find this week’s dose of random from the innocently-entered search term “fire.”


Anyway, questionable tags aside, let’s get to it:


1. Josh Brolin stars in “Banana Farming at Woodstock: the Untold Story”

2.  Having Trouble Peeling a Banana with Only One Arm?  Introducing… BANANA PAL!

3. Is your online dating site driving you bananas?

4. Potassium: the Sexiest Salt (ad for The American Heart Association)

5. The American Banana Council Presents: “Hair” (annual convention entertainment) – starring JOSH BROLIN

If you’ve run across a questionable stock photo and would like us to think of marketing use cases, or would like to share your own, please tweet a link to the pic @meltwater with the hashtag #stockpic and we’ll be sure to give it a gander.  If its questionability isn’t in question, we’ll enthusiastically feature it here on the blog.

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