Don’t be caught off guard when the media asks for a comment!

When a journalist calls asking for your organization’s stance on an issue, it pays to be well-informed. Whether you’re the CEO, the spokesperson or the PR specialist, it’s important that any quote you give to the media is not only in line with your company’s stance, but that it also considers any relevant news – especially news related to your industry or legislation. The Meltwater News PR suite makes sure that you’re on top of breaking news and also gives you access to historical data going back several years.

Keep reading to learn how one Meltwater customer leveraged historical press mentions and breaking news to better advocate for its members.

Use Case: A Building & Construction Trade Union

The secretary of a building and construction trade union in the UK is often asked to comment in the media on new legislation that affects members. In the ramp up to an election, a politician running for office came out in support of one of the trade union’s major advocacy issues: fast-tracked visas for skilled trade workers. Knowing that the media would reach out to his organization for comment, the secretary used Meltwater News to research the politician’s stance on the topic.

He set up an ad hoc news search with keywords that included the name of the politician along with “visa,” “immigration,” “skilled worker,” and more. He started by reading through the promises that the politician had recently made. Then, with a quick adjustment of the time period, he found articles from a previous election cycle several years earlier. The recent press included several pro-immigration, pro-union comments from the politician and the historical articles showed that the politician had changed his stance on the issue since the last election.

Well-informed and armed with direct quotations, the head of the trade union used the media to highlight the politician’s change of heart, thank him for standing with trade unions and officially endorse the candidate. The media attention brought the important issue to the forefront of election news and solicited a firm promise from the politician to stand behind their cause.


Whether your organization is a trade union or a multinational corporation, when it comes to PR you can’t be too informed. Staying on top of breaking news is important, but don’t forget the value of historical news for benchmarking and fact checking. With access to over 200,000 online publications in Meltwater News, valuable data for your business is only a few keywords away.

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