As a PR Agency, how do you get news clips to clients?

Today’s PR agencies take an integrated approach to meeting clients’ needs, incorporating traditional PR services like event management and analyst/media relations along with services like social community management and paid search. No matter how integrated or social an agency becomes, many of the services they provide will always be based on timely news and social media clips. To get clips compiled and sent out to several clients on a daily basis, PR agencies around the world use the Meltwater News newsletter.

The Meltwater newsletter is a branded email template that is populated with results and sent out via the Meltwater News platform. The newsletter can be populated automatically or manually and sent with different results to several clients in one pass. Here I’ve put together two case studies that show how a few of our agency customers use the newsletter to keep their clients up to date.

PR Agency Use Case 1: Five Practice Areas

A medium sized PR agency based in Sydney is organized into five practice areas: Consumer, Financial Services, Health & Wellness, Education and Tourism & Hospitality. Each of the practices operates independently for the most part, but they share resources and help each other with business development. They implemented the Meltwater News newsletter across all practice areas to keep clients up to date with their recent news.

Each practice area has their own newsletter branded to the agency and their specialty, and they each use them in slightly different ways. Some of the teams, such Consumer and Tourism & Hospitality, include social media results in their clip reports. Other teams, like Financial Services, incorporate live updating graphs for several clients fed by the Meltwater News Online Media Analysis tool.

To populate the newsletters daily, an Account Executive and an Intern from each practice area use the article archive to send articles to the correct newsletter with a single click. Then they preview each newsletter and send.

PR Agency Use Case 2: Three Person Team

A three-person agency in Los Angeles focuses on the entertainment industry. As is often the case at small agencies, they’re always short on time and resources. They were looking for an easy way to add value for their clients and save time overall. The agency started using the newsletter to kill two birds with one stone.

Their newsletter populates automatically and, after a quick review, goes out daily to clients. Before automating the newsletter, they worked closely with their Customer Success Representative to create refined searches for each client that separate out press releases, third party mentions and competitor news. With the work done upfront, they spend less time looking for clips and more time pitching journalists.

In addition to the daily newsletters, the agency sends out a monthly newsletter to all clients that focuses on industry news. The monthly newsletter was an easy value add for clients. They were pleasantly surprised when clients started sharing the newsletter with peers in the industry…and when those peers turned into new clients.


Whether you’re a small one-person agency or work on global campaigns, it’s important to get your clients the information they need. In the perpetual rush of PR, with fires popping up daily, it pays to save time wherever you can. The Meltwater News newsletter is a versatile tool that can be configured to fit the needs of your agency and your clients. And who knows, maybe it’ll help you grow your business as well.

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