Social media is changing the world; it affects how we communicate and share news, how we do business, and how our careers evolve. The latest data estimates that 81% of the US population are on social channels spread over 2 billion social media profiles.

Given the prevalence of social media, if an organisation hopes to stay relevant they’ll need a solid strategy for ongoing social engagement. Social media isn’t a siloed effort that the marketing and communications team owns, every department affects or is affected by social media. In the near future, regardless of job title, you’ll need to adapt to the social sphere to thrive in business.

As our Social Media Manager 2016 Infographic shows, a Social Media Manager wears multiple hats. The evolution of the role in business will demand that almost every department commits to learning the social hat specific to their specialty. In the not so distant future, social media knowledge and skills may be a requirement for most job functions across an organisation.

Certain positions have already expanded to include social as a core competency:

  • Data Scientists – Social media and social marketing analytics are part of a robust engagement strategy and determine full picture ROI.
  • Recruiters / Head Hunters – To meet demanding recruiting KPIs, eyes are on social media as an employee referral destination and talent source.
  • Social Tool / Ad Technology Engineers – With a swath of new media tools in the market and the reality that businesses are increasingly investing in digital marketing, surpassing TV spends, engineers must adjust product features to include an audience that is mostly on mobile and social.
  • Customer Service / Community Managers – Whether a business is conducted on the web or in your neighborhood, customers are now using social media to get questions answered and issues resolved. The good news is that using a social channel for responding to and resolving requests results in higher customer service satisfaction.
  • Legal – Both in-house legal teams and outside counsel need to assess the risks and regulations for social media, they may be called on to craft rules and regulations for an Instagram giveaway or to take the lead when a social media crisis hits.
  • Journalists and Editors – Targeting an audience means more than segmentation, it’s also about where they live and how they consume content. For journalists and editors, building and sustaining a presence on social media continues conversations beyond traditional media and helps establish influencer status.
  • Media Planners and Buyers – Gone are the days of buying banner ads on popular websites. Media buying has expanded across digital properties, and even beyond the web. It now includes deep saturation within social media platforms with content options like graphics, copy, video, GIFs, photos, podcasts, and branded content. Media planning strategy is in and of itself, a career path.
  • Content Strategists – If Content is King, then Content Strategists are the Chiefs of Staff in charge of running the channels and campaigns driving engagement. Content is not only designed with a “digital first” strategy, but with the mindset of “social content first.”
  • Creative (copywriters, designers) – Content specific to social media has exploded to meet requirements ranging from Tweets to long-form branded content telling B2B stories. Creatives need to hone their craft for the social space. They need to create content with an intimate knowledge of how audiences engage and convert across platforms.
  • UI/UX Designers – Design has grown from the exclusive domain of information architecture to include organization and experience that meets the User (capital U) where they are (social media). Today’s designers understand that social moves authentic experiences beyond flow.

As social media becomes invaluable, there are NEW social media roles and specialisations that have cropped up:

  • Social Media Analytics Manager
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Digital/Social Media Producer
  • Social Media Content Developer
  • Social Media Campaign Manager
  • Community Story Editors (i.e. Snapchat)
  • Account Executives (Sales) for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat & more
  • And a variety of Social Media Mavens, Rockstars, Gurus, Senseis, and Masters

So, whether you’re looking for a way to get your foot in the door through social media or exploring ways to expand an existing role, there are opportunities available. Whether you’re a seasoned social media manager looking for a pivot or someone who wants to expand your responsibilities in a current role, increasing your social media acumen is a smart strategy. As social media changes the job market, how you approach the challenge with your social media chops will dictate how this reality affects you.

The importance of social media throughout an organization is too important to leave to chance, that’s why a social media strategy is essential no matter your budget or size. Download our ebook to make sure your social media strategy will work for your organisation.

Social Media Changing Job Market Careers